TGIF – Thank God I’m Fat LOL

My family and I have not been to TGIF for a while already because we found their portions too big. However, last week, we decided to stop there for dinner as we were in Queensbay Mall.

Do you know that TGIF have cut down their food portions and took away all the frills. No dinner rolls, no cold water unless being asked, no salad to accompany the more expensive dishes and I think even the number of serving staffs have reduced. Signs of bad times, huh?

ribeye steak

Previously, the steak dishes which costs around RM49 to RM56 comes with a small portion of salad in a separate dish. Now? That’s all you get. A piece of steak and a blob of mashed potatoes. The steak was rather sinewy.

celery stick and buffalo wings

The above dish is supposed to be buffalo wings but where’s the wing? It is only chicken breast strips with celery. However, it is just an appetizer that comes with the set meals costing RM39.90. So, we cannot complain much because the portion of the appetizer is big.

some fish

The above is the main meal, consisting of a tiny piece of fish. Previously, TGIF offered ribs and other delicious choices of main meals. However, now they only have chicken, fish and burger dishes in the choice of their main meals for the set dinner.

chocolate cake

I remembered I couldn’t finish the dessert that comes with the set meal last time. Now, the portion has shrunken and instead of some sinfully rich brownies, we get a piece of chocolate cake.

nacho and salsa

TGIF is still giving free kid’s meal for children below 12 years old and we got this nacho and salsa free.

My #3 son coined the term – TGIF for Thank God I’m Fat. However, TGIF foods won’t make you fat anymore because they have cut down portion and quality of foods.

I am not fond of TGIF, Tony Roma, Chilis or any of such foods but having a scrawny 16 years old means we have to tag along whenever he has his craving for bloodied steaks. I shall just have a Long Island Iced Tea, thank you very much.

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  1. The food that you had in TGIF is really different from those from my previous visits…in terms of size and presentation. Really think twice before visiting.

  2. ck – They all hiong-hiong cut cost wan ler….I see the fish, so pathetic piece only worrrr…It doesn’t even taste good. Better deal at Mizi lah.

  3. ya lo… during my last visit… Tuapuis also feel the size matching our stomach size….

    but looking at ur post now… hmm.. beh ho seh…….

    ck.. agree with u need to think twice liao…

  4. The cutting down of portions is actually an international thing for the whole TGIF chain.
    It’s because Americans are getting fatter that they have started this ‘smaller portions, healthier meals’ crap a few months back, starting from their NY HQ.
    I didn’t know this but my hubby a TGIF-fan found out about it somewhere so when we go, we are prepared for smaller portions being served.
    I’ve not tried Mizi’s but I’d say Salsas has better value for money compared to TGIF. Only RM13.50 for set lunch.

  5. Auntie Lilian,

    My goodness, TGIF has shrunken their portion for at least half or more! It’s been nearly a year since I last visited. Yup, i remember the set with that sinfully rich choc mud pie which came at the end of the meal made me terribly full. Now the choc cake looks plain ordinary and the fish is so small :p

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