Purple Cane Teahouse where every dish includes tea

I am not a fan of tea. Never can understand why some folks can spend money on tea like they are gold. It is just a drink, doh! But then, I also cannot stand those people who talk coffee like it is liquid gold.

When you mention tea in food, the only dish I can think of is the horrijible tea eggs. Arrggh….I hate them! You know why? Because my kids love them and I got to peel the eggs for them at shopping malls. That means, I am always the poor one with the burnt hand and sticky fingers, not to mention smelly too. In case you do not know, nowadays, the price of the tea eggs do not include peeling. They even put big big sign that says, “Peeling not included.”

Ok, enough rantings. I have never paid attention if Penang has Purple Cane Teahouse that sells foods. I don’t think so or probably I have never care about tea. But during our KL trip, we tried Purple Cane Teahouse at The Gardens. We actually have very little choice because it was lunch time, we were hungry and the other food outlets were rather packed, leaving Purple Cane Teahouse.

purple cane tea duck

Since there were only my hubby and I plus two younger boys, we didn’t order much. One of the dish is the tea duck with tea dipping. *roll eyes* I have forgotten the price of the duck but hey, it is not too bad, you know?

Then, my sons ordered two bowls of peanut soup or fah sang wu which is their favourite. But I dare not tell them it is not just peanut soup but GREEN TEA peanut soup. Since they didn’t read it contains green tea, they slurped the dessert without fuss.

purple cane tea noodle

We also ordered a fried noodle dish, with tea again. Except that I don’t remember what tea it is. Beside these, we also had a very bland tofu dish and tea fried rice which I find rather oily.

Purple Cane Teahouse is pork free but I doubt it is a halal joint as I don’t see any Malay patrons. Overall, the place is rather cosy with nice waitresses. Prices of the foods are not that expensive too.

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3 thoughts on “Purple Cane Teahouse where every dish includes tea


    (December 10, 2008 - 9:24 pm)

    penang got a lot of tea house…. most of them did sell something to eat la… but not with tea…

    i had been to 2 tea houses at Penang who sell good tomyam there…. a bit weird right? tea house with thai food?

    Criz Lai

    (December 11, 2008 - 12:50 am)

    I had just posted up an established outlet in Penang last few days on tea related dishes. Not all of their “unlisted” 100 over dishes contained tea or extracts of tea. If you happen to drop in this place, do try out their not-so-oily “wok hei” filled fried tea rice and also their hokkien style fried potato starch. These are the best that I had tried so far.

    As for dessert, I did not order their supposed-to-be famous sesame filled steamed glutinous rice dumpling with crushed cashew nuts as I was too full.


    (December 13, 2008 - 4:31 pm)

    There is no “heavy” dish there.

    While for the tea part, different process and grade yield different taste. It is like duck liver vs Foie gras.

    You can actually peel tea leaf egg from the plastic bag.

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