Hardwicke House – change to Bistro@Hardwicke

I haven’t been to Hardwicke House for a few months already and noticed they have changed their restaurant concept to bistro style. The waiters and waitresses are in bermuda and t-shirts. They have also trimmed their menu. You know what? The changes give me the ‘Restaurant Makeover’ feel. From fine dining to bistro. From wine and cigar place to something more casual.


Let me show you what my RM36.80 set lunch looks like. Compare that to Thank God I’m Fat and Hardwicke House is certainly a better choice than Chilli’s too.

chicken salad

Appetizer is this plate of chicken salad. The chicken pieces have been seared with black pepper and the veges are fresh. It is a huge plate, enough to share with my hubby.

cream of leek and cabbage

Soup is cream of cabbage and leek and the soup is very creamy and it doesn’t reek of the leek flavour, which can be overwhelming to most people. I love my soup served with those design made with cream. Pretty on the eyes.

sirloin steak

Their set lunch starts from RM16.80 but I opted for the sirloin steak set which costs RM36.80 which includes the appetizer, soup, main meal, dessert and a cup of brewed coffee.

I love the steak, prepared medium rare. It is tender and yet, has that crusty outer layer which is delicious. I also like the way they cut the steak into three pieces, place them on top of the vegetables, very Restaurant Makeover style, isn’t it? None of those thick slab of steak on hot plate with a blob of mashed potatoes. I do not like my steak in hot plate because they normally get over cooked when it reach me. Maybe someday, I will get mad cow disease with so much bloodied steaks.


Dessert is chocolate noir (or sound something like that). It is chocolate mouse on top of a layer of crispy and crunchy peanut bits and decorated nicely with cherries and chocolate sauce. Yummy…

chicken alfredo

If you prefer a lighter set, they have the chicken alfredo with penne. My hubby ordered that and for RM16.80, the set comes with the soup, an cup of expresso and the main pasta dish.

Hardwicke House also have a wide selection of wines. We bought a bottle of wine for only RM40 (used to be RM119) because they are probably pushing off the stocks as they adopt this bistro style instead of the cigar and wine joint they were previously.

Hardwicke is temporary closed on Sunday. Psst…you know what? My hubby, my little boy and I were the ONLY patron on a Saturday afternoon! Initially, I was a little worried that their foods may not be good, in view of the lack of patrons. However, I am so happy to enjoy a meal in a restaurant alone. Imagine a whole big, bungalow and its wine cellar to ourselves. It gives me the freedom to take photos of the place from every corner.

5 Replies to “Hardwicke House – change to Bistro@Hardwicke”

  1. Wooo like those super rich people in TVB drama who likes to book the whole restaurant to themselves. So lucky, you don’t even have to spend a single sen to enjoy the feel of the riches. lol

  2. Haha, did the toy car come with the dessert as well? This place will certainly give the other joints a run for their money… I just hope they pick up their business or otherwise they won’t be able to keep the qualit you enjoyed up! Hmmm, might pop in my next trip back to stock up on the wine!

  3. 550ml – My son put it there one. Initially when Hardwicke opened, their menu lagi best and value for money. But lately, prices of the raw ingredients have escalated like crazy so many restaurants find it hard to come up with affordable menu.

    jian – Yalor, so ‘loman’ hor? If people dating, lagi best hor? Can touch leg, touch hand, no one peeking. Hahaha.

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