My hubby said to blog that A&W Gurney Plaza new wing, SUCKS

We like A&W foods. We like A&W root beer. We like A&W waffles. We like A&Z double mozza burger. But why A&W sucks? Here are the reasons :

coney dog

The coney dog which is one of A&W signature item has buns dry and hard like sponge. The sausage skin is like plastic. 1901, the hotdog stalls serve better hotdogs.

a&w waffle

The waffle is good. But you know what? We paid for syrup and butter waffle. After we had taken the waffle, we only realised they didn’t give us butter. So, hubby went back to the counter to ask for butter. And they said, “Butter finished already.” Mana boleh, how can….Tell us earlier mah.

curly fries

The curly fries is good too.

I bought a combo set and I can upgrade. Like the Singaporeans said, UPSIZE. They have an item call waffle in a cup which costs RM2.80 if we buy the combo meals. So, we sat down and eat. And my accountant hubby noticed they charged us the normal price. You see, you cannot cheat an accountant. Not even dua sen. So, hubby went back to the counter and showed them the receipt.

Hubby is pissed with the serving staffs attitude which is zombie like. So, he purposely ka ka cau cau lor. And you know what? They paid him back 95 cents. LOL. Delivered to our table.

And A&W is not quite bad yet. Until hubby went to order a double mozza burger. When the burger was delivered to him, he took a bite. I then, flipped open the mozza burger because I know mozza burger has a slice of beef bacon. That’s what mozza burger tastes nicer than regular burgers.

But there is no beef bacon wor. So, hubby called the waiting staff who delivered the 95 cents to him. He showed her. Our intention is just to ask, “Isn’t mozza burger supposed to have something else?” But she took the burger back. We thought they are going to give us a new one. You know lah…we have pointed out their kitchen staff error, so they should thank us, right? But no…they brought back the bitten burger which had been inserted with the missing chicken slice. Hubby and sons started joking, “Let’s see if they added any extra sauce. Or jelly.” I went, “Uwekkkk…..” (meaning if they have spitted on the burger out of spite)

A&W foods are great. Their serving staffs are all nice and friendly too. But of course, nice and friendly do not mean efficient. Unfortunately, they must have scrimped on training fees. That’s A&W one flaw. They have failed and closed down in Penang many times. I wonder how long they are going to be around Gurney Plaza spanking new wing? And where the hell is McD? Why is McD missing in Gurney?

Oh I forget to add one more rant – A&W no longer chill the mugs they use to serve the A&W root beer. How can…..Like this, might as well buy a RM2.49 one litre bottle of A&W rootbeer from Tesco. Why pay the same price for only 400 mls at A&W, right?

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  1. The only item worth mentioning in A&W is the root beer.

    WTF!! No McDs????? Ok, ask and you shall receive.

  2. not just sucked is horrible. I also kena like you ordered the hot dog and it can’t go in my mouth too. Like eating plastic with expired frozen meat. I don’t know the stray dog will eat that hot dog also?

  3. It’s not acceptable for me that they just brought back the bitten burger which had been inserted with the missing chicken slice. Who knows they really did add some extra ‘seasoning’ in it since their attitude is so bad.

  4. I love root beer float they surved the best the world. Anyway not all A&W give that kind of service ….laaa

  5. i oso went 2 A&W last 3days.i hv njoy my coney dog & rootbeer.the coney dog is not bad as u said. myb they hv sum technical probs. i hope dat was not d last day 4 u 2 go there!myb nx visit wil b better.gv then a chance lorh…..;)

  6. I totally agree with the case of coney dog. I think A&W should look back of this product.Others product I think it’s ok.Love their mozza burger,float,aroma chicken,curly fries and rootbeer with float..slurrppp

    if you feel terrible with their services, please complain to the manager directly. Ask their staff to call manager for that matter.It’s easy to deal rather you talk to the staff.i have doing this before,report to the manager and they replace with a new one (but not with A&W.)

    Regarding the spitted matter, almost fast food restaurant(selling burger) got this problem. you can’t blame them.this bad attitude is out of their control.

    Hope to see BEAR is everywhere in the future.. 🙂
    Good Luck A&W….!!!!

  7. I will never visit any other A & W outlets except the original one that are still in business opposite Amcorp Mall. That one guaranty good one cause that is the HQ. hehehe ……..

  8. thats what we pay for service nowadays . . . .the dont care attitude is kinda hard to change . . . . .i agree with email2me . .the best is still in PJ but for other places even in KLANG . . .it SUX big

  9. overheard that McD is having a civil case over the tenant rights with Gurney, Mc D was supposed to get a bigger lot?????

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