What to do in Langkawi

I have lost count of the number of times we have been to Langkawi. In fact, I went to Langkawi like 30 years ago when Langkawi wasn’t a duty free island and the only boat (not a even a ferry) was a sampan with engine. I first went there when my elder sister was dating my brother-in-law. My mom sent me along as chaperone. Muahahar…

Later on, I used to go to Langkawi with this certain bf and that too, was before Langkawi achieved duty free status. Kuah was just a single road pekan. Beras terbakar tourist spot is really full of burnt rice in a kampung.

langkawi cable car - hanging bridge
(The hanging bridge which one can access after the cable car ride. You need to climb a short distance before coming to this bridge. You can feel the earth swaying and if you have phobia of heights, this will sure make you weak knees.)

Then, later on, I used to go to Langkawi with hubby and kids. Since it is so near, we even went on day trip. I have been to every tourist spot available in Langkawi like the Pulau Dayang Bunting where we can jump into the lake for a dip. Legend said women who wish to get pregnant will have their wish fulfilled after a dip in Telaga Tujuh or Seven Wells. Pulau Dayang Bunting. See? I got pregnant over and over again, right? Hehehe.

(The Langkawi Cable car ride is something not to be missed. I have ridden on the Hong Kong cable car, Genting cable car, Blue Mountains, Australia cable car and Langkawi one has very nice views and very thrilling.)

So, what do people do in Langkawi? Those who have never been to the island will definitely go to those tourist attractions in Langkawi like the cable car ride, cultural village, aquarium, beras terbakar, pasir hitam beach, telaga tujuh and some of the surrounding islands. Talking about surrounding island, we once took a small sampan to a tiny island call Pulau Kentut Kecil and Pulau Kentut Besar. I cannot remember which island but one of them has really nice beach.

langkawi hanging bridge
(The hanging bridge shrouded in mist when I was there.)

Beaches at Langkawi is nothing to rave about unless you have loads of moolah to get pampered in those super rich resort. However, do note that the sea off Langkawi islands is highly dangerous so do not swim unless it is a designated area as some of them have strong undercurrent.

Then, why do I go to Langkawi if I have been there so many times? Because each time, a new kid wants to go. So, we keep going back. My little boy loves the penguins and we can see that in Langkawi Underwater World.

(penguins at Langkawi Underwater World)

Moreover, we have to forget the idea of going to Bali or Koh Samui because of the exorbitant taxes and fees. It costs us about RM2,000 just for airport taxes and fees! What more, my older children aren’t keen to go to those ‘touristy’ places as they have been there, done that. So, to ensure the poor little youngest kid does not missed out on ‘going on holiday, staying in hotel’, we decided to go to Langkawi.

I am leaving for Langkawi at 5.30 am on Wednesday. My hubby and his idea of ‘the sea is calmer in the early morning’ means we will reach Kuala Perlis about 7.30 am. We are driving to Kuala Perlis and take a ferry from there. We can also go to Kuala Kedah which is nearer to Penang but the distance on ferry is further and the sea is choppier. There will be 10 of us in the group because my son’s four friends are going along in another car.

(Cheap booze everywhere)

When in Langkawi, we are renting a 10-seater Pregio and staying at Kampong Tok Senik Resort. So, I won’t be updating this blog for a few days. I am going to drink beer and wine and liquor instead of water and juices for the next three days. My hubby said when I get home, I am going to become an alcoholic, with hangover from the alcohol and pimples from the chocolates. Whatever lah. I am taking my half read novel there and hope to finish reading it by the time I get back. That is if I am sober enough to read. Otherwise, I will be too busy laughing. (I laugh non-stop when I get intoxicated hehehe.)

Till then……

(P/S : I just realised that I totally forget to write any post about my last trip to Langkawi)

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7 thoughts on “What to do in Langkawi


    (December 16, 2008 - 10:20 pm)

    never been to the hanging bridge…. according to my wife is very cooling and windy one…….

    must go one day……


    (December 16, 2008 - 11:46 pm)

    PTP – The hanging bridge damn chi-kek ler. When the wind blows the bridge goyang-goyang like that. With the thick mist, you cannot see what’s in front and feel like dropping down.


    (December 17, 2008 - 10:59 am)

    I heard rumours that there are fake booze sold in Langkawi duty free shops – especially for popular brands. I can’t vouch for the truth myself but I heard it from people whom I trust.


    (December 17, 2008 - 1:08 pm)

    have a nice trip…fyi just went to langkawi last month


    (December 18, 2008 - 1:57 am)

    Oh yes, the cable car ride is the best attraction in Langkawi, IMO. Just love the cooling breeze and views from up there!


    (December 18, 2008 - 3:33 am)

    I’ve never been to Langkawi although I have wanted to go the last two times we were in Malaysia. The cable car and the hanging bridge looks thrilling, but I know for sure Annie won’t want to go on them – she’s afraid of heights!

    Are there good places to go for snorkeling / diving?


    (December 22, 2008 - 10:14 pm)

    wahh.. Never knew Langkawi got such a great place to “hang” out. Last time went to Langkawi didn’t see this lei.

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