A Christmas without the Christmas stuffs

This year will be the most modest Christmas since the day I converted to Christianity. My initial plans of the whole Christmas turkey, roast leg of lamb, alcoholic cocktails and other fancy foods are now canned. I caught some flu bug while in Langkawi. Last Friday, I was down with fever. On Sunday, I thought I could actually pretend I am not sick and get on with doing things normally. By Monday morning, I know I have to tell the hospital that I am too sick to work as I cannot even talk without coughing. And by Monday afternoon, I was knocked out with a severe headache, body ache and lethargy all over. I slept for almost 24 hours, waking up only to eat a bit.

So, I can now totally forget about celebrating Christmas. The good thing is I am actually quite glad because it means I do not have to cook or do any chores. All I am doing is to lie in bed in my aircond room because the weather is extremely hot.

Yesterday morning, I tried going to Cold Storage to pick up some foods but I was keen to return to bed instead. This time of the year, there are some lovely imported cheese and other food stuffs from Cold Storage which I love to buy for special occasions.

It is only two days away from Christmas and I have no special foods to celebrate. Not that I am worried because I can eat at any other day. So, this will be a year to remember where Christmas is not Christmas without my cooking. I know we could go out and eat but I just hate the idea of tacky Christmas dinner with the crowds. Moreoever, some of the set dinners are so expensive, as much as RM300-RM500 per couple. Madness!

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  1. Oh noes!! Well, this Christmas can be one of reflection… and eating in bed, watching TV in bed (and being the remote master!), and ordering the family around using a little bell.

    Get well soon… Merry Christmas!

  2. Hey, get well soon ya. Maybe it’s not so bad leh? This Christmas you don’t have to slave around in the kitchen to prepare a feast but get to lie around and relax for a change.

    Hope you get well soon to join us in signing on Christmas Day.

  3. woah…too much beronok izzit? You sound like my uncle who caught the disease caused by the chukungmulunga nyamuk…aiks dunno how to spell it.

    get well soon.

  4. Hope you’ll get well soon. Take care and God bless. By the way, I really enjoy reading your blog -all the wonderful cooking and baking tips too. Thank you for sharing with us.

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