The awesome cakes I baked and steamed

I have posted the photos of how to make sugee cake the other day. I finally find time to bring out a plate, cut the cake into nice squares and place a pretend cup of tea to take photos. Pretend because there is no tea in the teacup.

tea, cake and sandwiches

While I was trying to take the photos, my children suddenly whined about being hungry. So, I had to reluctantly stop taking pictures of the cake and invisible tea to make some chicken ham sandwiches. Since my sandwiches look decent, I plopped a few slices with the cake to make the presentation looks like some English tea.

sugee cake and tea

My sugee cake is really awesome when eaten with some English tea. The tea cuts the buttery feel from the sugee cake and you know what? The sugee almond cake tastes so much nicer when left overnight because the semolina flour probably soaked up most of the oiliness of the butter.

For Chinese New Year, I really recommend you try out the recipe for sugee cake. It is really good. I added some rose essence and almond essence to the second batch I baked and it tastes just like how sugee cakes should tastes.


Sometime ago, I finally made malai kou or steamed brown sugar cake. Unfortunately, the recipe was darn difficult to follow because it takes a long time to ferment the mixture and I suspect the book I bought is a rip-off. The cake was rather oily and I think the author has repeated the quantity of the oil used in error.

malai kou (steamed brown sugar cake)

I bought a recipe book just because I wanted to steam malai kou (or malay kueh but it is Chinese origin) and it is a complete waste that the taste wasn’t exactly like what I imagine. However, it is still much better than the store bought ones.

I searched through the net and try to figure out which recipe works best for ma lai koh. I think this version found on Big Boys Oven will be tasty as they recommend using gula melaka and santan. I am going to try the recipe one of these days and if it works, I will post again.

malai kou (steamed brown sugar cake)

Sigh…have you ever seen blog owners self-praising like I do? Hehehe, can’t help it because I really love some of my own food photos, enough to make me feel hungry.

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  1. Nice. Gosh, I shouldn’t read your post at mid night. Now I’m hungry already. I wanna eat Malai Koh, I’ve not eating for years adi…

  2. Hey Lilian, we wanna wish you a great jolly good New Year! HOpe to meet up this 2009 in Penang! The malai ko we make is not too bad in taste, simple and easy to make.

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