Chinese New Year goodies recipes

It is exactly a month to Chinese New Year 2009. It is the year of the OX and if you are interested to find out the fortune for the year of the ox 2009, you can read my fake fortune telling. 🙂

loveletters kueh kapit
(no, I do not do kueh kapit because it is too much work)

Here are some of my recommended Chinese New Year recipes.

Recipe for white radish cake. You can easily make this and store in the fridge. Deep fry the radish cake on Chinese New Year and it will make a great snack. Try adding Chinese imported dried sausages.


Instead of the Chinese New Year peanut cookies recipe, try baking Chinese almond cookies. Once you have eaten Chinese almond cookies, you do not want peanut cookies anymore. If you have some lard, it will blow your guests away.

You also need a supply of cakes. Butter cakes recipe is over here but try baking sugee cake because it is so much tastier.

Jiu hoo char is a Penang Hokkien/Nyonya speciality but I have made it so easy to fry your own turnip and dried squid Chinese New Year traditional dish.

You have to pay a lot for a jar of arrowroot or arrowhead chips. So, here’s how to make your own arrowroot chips.

Serving thong sui on Chinese New Year is a superb idea. Old folks love being served with a bowl of Chinese sweet dessert. Recipe and tips for making thong sui.

pineapple jam tart

I have made my pineapple tarts from scratch. You can buy premix but there is nothing like baking pineapple tarts from scratch. I even made my own pineapple jam but I will buy them as it is less messy.


Another popular salty snack is the crispy, deep fried surimi. Now, they sell these crabsticks, all nicely torn in small thin strips, ready for frying. I bought one packet Kami brand from Tesco but yet to open it.

I will make a few more collections of Chinese New Year recipes in the coming days. Meantime, you can also find a list on my Chinese New Year foods recipes in the other food blog. I have a huge number of recipes for Chinese New Year, collected in the last four years of my blogging history so this blog is like an authority on Chinese New Year goodies recipes.

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  1. I used to make the kueh kapit alone. It took me days to make the amount that I need to give to my relatives. *sweat* really tiring and lots of work.

  2. hello
    i m looking for chinese walnut cookies recipes. i had it from my fren but she dont want to share the recipe.

    look thru the web cant find.

    do anyone has? pls help cos have to try baking b4 cny

    thank you

    have a nice day

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