Green pea cookies for Chinese New Year


My sister-in-law gave me this recipe for Chinese green peas cookies but I haven’t tried it. However, looking at the portions, I am sure it will yield very nice green peas cookies like those my sis-in-law gave me :


1 cup flour
1 cup green peas (you can buy from snacks section, those lightly salted, roasted green peas without flour coating) grind till fine

3/4 cups icing sugar
About 1/2 cup corn oil (avoid oil with too strong groundnuts smell)

Method to make green peas cookies

Preheat oven to 160 – 180 deg celcius. Line cookie trays with parchment papers.

Mix the flour, green peas, icing sugar well. Put the oil, little by little into the flour mixture and mix with your palms to form a firm dough. If it is too flakey, add more oil. If too soft, add more flour.

Roll the dough into marble size balls and make an imprint with a toothpaste cap or something that can gives it a circle.

Bake for about 20 minutes. If you like your cookies crispy on the outside, give the cookies an egg wash before baking. Egg wash means you beat the egg yolk and then, brush on the surface of the cookie.

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Over these last two Chinese New Years, I notice an increase popularity of this green pea cookies, very much like the CNY peanut cookies. It looks exactly the same but the green pea has its own distinct taste.

Last year, one of my sister-in-law gave me a jar of this green pea cookies and that’s the first time I realised it is green pea cookies and not peanut cookies dyed green. *roll eyes* I have been intending to bake my own green pea cookies but I have yet to find a recipe. I guess the recipe for the green pea cookies is about the same as my recipe for almond cookies or peanut cookies. That is, equal weight of flour, green pea grind till fine and sugar (you may want to reduce the sugar quantity) and cooking oil to bind the dry ingredients.

green pea cookies - Chinese New Year

If you are not confident of trying it, go buy the premix which I bought from Cooking Island in Penang. However, I find the cookies a bit crumply and melt in the mouth. I prefer mine to be crunchy so that’s why I am going to find uncoated green peas and bake my own.

The above is a batch my son baked using Erina’s pre-mix. The taste is nice and the sweetness just right with lots of green pea flavour.


In case you do not know which green pea I am talking about, it is those tiny, fried, salted green peas sold as snack. The above is the coated ones. The green peas are sometime coated with wasabi and sold in small, individual packs under a Japanese brands (darn expensive too). Now, I just need to find some kacang putih vendor who sells the uncoated green peas and I shall begin my adventure of making green pea cookies.

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  1. This is very similar to the peanut cookie that the aunties at the ban san selling one. I personally tasted a few stalls at the Island Glades there and they are ok. Not sure about this year. Do you make them for sales too?

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