Happy New Year 2009 – Party foods and finger foods

On a New Year’s Eve, the last thing you want to do is to get all sweaty and hot in the kitchen, preparing foods over the kitchen stove. It is a celebration for a year well spent and a celebration to welcome a new year, hopefully with better things than the previous. So, I would say, don’t ever bother to cook on a New Year’s Eve.

Get lots of finger foods to stuff friends and families who are around. One of the popular thing for New Year’s Eve is of course the smoke salmon. A lot of people are searching for ways to serve smoke salmon. Smoked salmon is tasty as it is so one doesn’t need anything elaborate to prepare it. Just get some bread, something sourish like mayo or even fruits like grapes and some cheese to make the bread smoother. Pile all these and let your guests help themselves.

smoked salmon, carviare, cream cheese, cracker

Caviar is getting more and more expensive these days. But if you can afford it, it looks rather pretty.

smoked salmon on foccacia

I baked my own focaccia the other day for the Penang food bloggers gathering (and I have forgotten to make a post here!).

Or if smoked salmon is not within your budget, try cheese, fruits and crackers :

Fresh fruits with cream cheese on crackers

Then, deep fried wantan is like very yummy and very cheap.

fried wantan

Deep fried spring rolls make great finger foods for New Year’s Eve too but it takes more work.

spring rolls

Plus sandwiches. And nuts.

Important thing is the booze.

Anyway, this post is way overdue and I guess everyone is on their way to celebrate the New Year already.


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  1. Ya ya, I tried the focaccia before and it is very delicious. The cheese, fruits and crackers are also very appetising. During this coming CNY u got open house woo? 🙂

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