Langkawi – Little Lylia’s chillout cafe, Pantai Cenang

I have forgotten about our dinner at Little Lylia’s chill out cafe at Pantai Cenang and only remember when I read my son’s friend, sui thong blog. So, I did a bit of Googling to see if there is any mention of Little Lylia by other people. There is one mention on

little lylia's chillout cafe, langkawi

One balmy, breezy, beautiful evening when we were in Langkawi, hubby took all 10 of us in the rented 10-seater van to Pantai Cenang. Pantai Cenang is like Batu Feringghi where you can find cheap pasar malam stuffs, hotels, tourists and plenty of eating places. We went around the place, looking for something to eat. Hubby and I remembered there was one Thai seafood restaurant when we visited 4 years ago *roll eyes*. However, we cannot find it anymore. That’s when we stumbled upon this really, tiny, hidden place call Little Lylia’s cafe. It is located next to a mamak restaurant call Tomato (big blue and red sign).

cafe by the beach

As I was walking through the tiny path with broken planks and over grown bushes, I was wondering if I am going to be chased by dogs or stumbled upon a dead end. However, I was wrong. A white sandy beach with really rustic barbeque stove and wooden long tables and stools greeted us.


The place is really, really dark. So dark, you cannot even read the menu. But it has that beach holiday feel and hence, a lot of mat salleh tourists patronise it. I think they do not serve pork but they do serve alcohol. The waiters are Malays but I cannot say for sure if the foods are halal. When in Langkawi, I do not order can drinks because it is almost the same price as beer. Cocktails are around RM12 so I had a bluish drink. I forgot the name.

green curry

I ordered a green curry chicken rice. Taste wise, the foods are not exactly outstanding. However, if I remember correctly, one of my son ordered a nice fried rice. They also have pastas, barbeque meats and other Western dishes. They barbeque the seafoods and meats by the beach, with a charcoal stove. The local dishes prices are reasonable but the grill and barbeque foods are rather expensive, if I am not mistaken, around RM38++.


There is also a live band that night. However, after our dinner, all of us went to chill out at the beach, under the stars and moonlight, listening to the waves. We didn’t hang around to listen to the band ‘cos they sang all those calypso songs (which is so boring).

Still, Little Lylia’s Chillout cafe has its own distinct identity and appeals to foreign tourists. Langkawi is still way behind compared to Phuket or Koh Samui in terms of nightlife. The most you can do is to get drunk and pass out on the beach. LOL, no pole dancing, strip dancing, trannies dinner show or anything saucy like those available in Thailand.