Wembley or Wembrey Park kopitiam – Gurney Plaza, Penang

We were supposed to watch Bedtime Stories at Gurney Plaza but there aren’t any good seats left. So, feeling hungry and with time to kill, we head over to Wembley Park. I just realized that I had read wrongly. It should be Wembrey Park and not Wembley. Chey…why the name also one kind, hor? Wembley Park, I think, was a famous entertainment and amusement park back in the oldies, when I was still in my mother’s womb.


I will try not to be mean to a new outlet, ok? So, I was glad to see an Old Town Kopitiam style kopitiam right smack on the 7th floor, where SenQ is. It is good to have a place to grab a bite because sometimes, when we are in a rush to watch a movie, the only food outlet is the extremely lousy Pasta Mania on the 6th floor. It is possibly the worst pasta outlet, nothing like the one in Singapore.

Anyway, Wembrey Park is a halal outlet with Malay serving staffs. They have a cozy interior but after sitting down in the glass room, I couldn’t stand one loud voice, tattoo-ed Chinese auntie who speaks England with a slang. Even the noise from my kids are not as head splitting as her voice. So, we moved out to the exterior part of the kopitiam.


My little boy likes the Hainan chicken rice. But then, he likes every chicken rice. Hehehe. I think a plate is RM7.80 with huge portion of rice and chicken.


We ordered a set of Hainan Chicken Chop. Again, portion is generous, with two pieces of boneless chicken fried in a batter and covered with some sweetish sauce. I am a Hainanese but I do not know if it is really chicken chop, Hainanese style. This is RM9.80 ++ with a glass of iced lemon tea.


While we were there, my eldest son and a group of his friends passed by. So, we asked them to join us for a drink and a bite. The above is my eldest son and my youngest son. The coffee from Wembrey (yerrr….why do they call it wembrrreyyy and not wembley?) is not as good as my favourite Hainan Nanyang brew from Old Town. It is not a kau and is not memorable.

But the most potong stim part of this outlet is how they screwed up our orders. I ordered a set of toast with the coffee. I also ordered two half boiled eggs. My sons and his friends who came later, make a separate order for brown toasts. The waitress forget my coffee, my eggs and gave me my son’s brown toast. There are not many patrons and yet, they kelam kabut, bring the eggs and the toasts at different times. I hate it when I cannot get the hot and fresh toasts with the warm half boiled eggs. They are supposed to come together with the coffee, right? But no…if we do not give clear and easy instructions, the waitress is like totally lost on what she should serve and what she hasn’t bring.


It is a pity that they cannot manage an outlet like Wembrey Park. It certainly has a good location, near to the cinema ( on the 6th floor) and yet, at the same time, rather cosy as the place does not have heavy traffic, allowing people to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee.

Whatever, my little boy certainly enjoys meeting up with big brother’s group of friends.


My little boy may have three big brothers but he still adores all the other kokos who are my eldest son’s college mates. He will follow them around when they visit or go holiday with us. The above is suithong, my son’s college mate. And the girl is renee.

So, how is Wembrey Park? You should know when an outlet doesn’t name itself after the famous Wembley Park but uses a copycat name. You get what I mean? Huh?

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4 thoughts on “Wembley or Wembrey Park kopitiam – Gurney Plaza, Penang

    550ml jar of faith

    (January 3, 2009 - 10:29 am)

    Wow, big age gap between your youngest and oldest! Must be cool for your young one to have big brothers to look up to! I’m striking off this Wembrey/Wembley place… the colour of that sauce on the Hainanese chic chop is enough to send me running in the other direction!


    (January 3, 2009 - 3:09 pm)

    Aiyoh with a name like that … how ah?? so hard to say some more. Anyway most of the people will say Wembley. See? Wembley… rolls off the tongue better.

    And the red red sauce …. looks like someone died …..

    I hate it when my bread and soup arrives at different time. So at Pizza Hut I always tell the waitress to bring them together otherwise soup finish oredi still no bread or bread finish oredi still no soup! Aiyah… many of the servers nowadays are sooooo blur.Most are foreigners and can’t understand English.The ones from Nepal are slightly better.

    Btw, have you tried Island Red Cafe? Yes it’s another spinoff of the kopitiam theme. It’s at Krystal Point. This is one place where you can find Rojak.

    How about White House Cafe at BJ Complex?If not, don’t bother! Waste time and money only! Cough blood some more!


    (January 4, 2009 - 3:27 am)

    Happy New Year Lilian…

    My sis emailed me the picture of this Wembrey.. it’s like the opposite of Mandarin speakers’ “L” and “R”… I told the name was like Wembley Cinema with the hunted toilet or something LOL…

    Have you try the Georgetown white coffee? I think I tasted their food at Penang airport. The lot just at the corner outside the Airport. Taste wise is good so was the prices. Maybe I’m in hurry and want to eat the Penang food fast before going off LOL.


    (January 4, 2009 - 11:52 pm)

    not sure if that’s the real Hainese chicken chop though. I’ve tried one down town (am from penang), cant remember exactly where it is, perhaps its along macalister road. the chicken was coated with egg batter before deep fryin n the sauce was more like a thicken chicken broth kinda colour..

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