Chinese New Year cookie recipe : Cornflakes cookies

The joy of baking cookies lies not only in the eating but the baking process. I enjoy doing it because it means a good opportunity for me to bond with my children. This afternoon, a lazy Sunday, my little boy and I baked a batch of cornflakes cookies. Just the two of us doing it because my older children were sleeping. It is their last day of waking up late (and sleeping late too) because school, college and kindie start tomorrow, Monday 5th January, 2009.


I recently bought a cookies recipe book by Alan Ooi. It is found in Popular Bookshop at RM20. It has some cute and easy to bake cookies and since my little boy love the photos of the various cookies, we bought it and start sampling with the recipe.

The cornflakes cookie I baked is adapted from the book call Y3K series. I do not have some of the ingredients mentioned in the recipe and I added some extra stuffs. So, the below cornflake cups cookies is based on the adapted recipe :


Preheat oven at 170 deg. celcius. Prepare about 90 tiny paper cups (like the cupcakes cup but tiny ones)

PART A – 100 gram butter
80 grams caster sugar

Cream the above till white and fluffy.

PART B – 1 egg
1/2 tsp of vanilla essence

Beat egg with a fork and add vanilla. Add to the Part A above and mix well.

150 grams soft flour (soft flour is normal wheat flour but it is better for cookies)
15 grams custard powder (custard powder will give cookies more crunch and yellowish tinge)
30 grams Nestum cereal
50 grams ground almond
1/2 tsp of emulder (it is supposed to give cookies its crunchiness)

CORN FLAKES – About 50 grams, gently mash the bigger pieces

corn flakes
(corn flakes for coating the cookies)

Mix all the above well. Add to the batter of Part A+ Part B. Use your hands to mix well and form a ball. If the batter is too wet and cannot form balls, add a bit of flour. If it is too dry, add a bit of water.

Form into tiny marble sizes and put into the cornflakes to coat the cookie. Put each ball into the individual paper cups. Bake for about 20 to 25 minutes.


Little hands love to help setting out the paper cups on the baking tray. My little boy also enjoyed rolling the cookie dough in the corn flakes and putting them into the paper cups.

He also helped to count the number of cookies (though not accurate because the cups are all over the tray). We counted about 90 cookies.

cornflakes cookies

This is the crunchy, really scrumptious corn flakes cookies we baked. I use red paper cups as red is a much favoured colour for Chinese New Year. My boy said he is going to bring the cornflake cookies to kindie tomorrow. We bought him a lunch box and he is so excited about bringing foods to kindie. This will be the first time he is going to kindie so I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will enjoy school as much as he anticipated. Pray there is no tears or separation anxiety because he is such a baby to us, being the youngest in the family. From past experiences, excitement before going to school does not equal the same kind of excitement when they are really in school.

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