The Loaf, Langkawi – Tun Dr. M super expensive bakery

Pak Lah has his nasi kandar shop. Eat already get sleepy. Tun Dr. M has his bakery. Eat already, tongue and mind also sharp like Tun. I wonder what kind of shop will our future PM opens? Pomegranate shop? Eat already get rosy cheeks and ruby lips like him?

langkawi marina

After our trip to the Langkawi Geopark Cable Car ride, we stopped by the marina or what they call Telaga Harbour. Here you can see how the rich and famous play. They have awesome yachts berthing at the marina. I even bumped into Dato’ Azhar the famous round the world sailor when I was there. Too bad I was too scaredy cat to ask for a photo with him. He was every bit the sailor, with sunburnt skin, white sailor outfits and sipping coffee at one of the super expensive joints.

telaga harbour

The Telaga Harbour reminds me of Lake Como in Italy. It has the same kind of staircases lined with flowers. But of course, it is nothing like Lake Como.

the loaf, langkawi

We went in to The Loaf which we have heard so much. We look around the range of buns, breads, cheesecakes and other yummy looking desserts.


My little boy bought a mask bun. I whispered to the other sons, “Eh, don’t touch anything, ok? Too expensive…..Wuah…one bread RM18! What the…. Faster, cepat blah (get out).” And we slithered out of The Loaf.


Yes, we are cheapskates. The only other thing we bought from The Loaf is this tiny cup of cheesecake. Both the mask bun and this cheesecake are just normal stuffs you can get from other bakeries. There are other more exclusive things at The Loaf but we feel it is too expensive for us to indulge in. There goes my plan of having expresso and eating dainty pastries, watching the yatchs bobbing in the water.


In the end, my kid also never finished the mask bun, such a waste. It was dry and tasteless.

carlsberg and apom balik

We then drive further and went to a small pasar. Bought some really scrumptious Malay apom balik or ban chean kueh. It was so nice. A piece costs a few cents only and we bought several because there were 10 of us in the group. To quench my thirst, I bought a can of Carlsberg because it is about the same price as a can of 100 plus.

So, a trip to The Loaf tells me that we live in different world, Tun M. Poor rakyats like us enjoy life with apom balik. Rich people like you have your own Japanese bakery for enjoyment. Sigh….the disparities in our lives.

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  1. i’ve been to the loaf at Pavillion and bought some garlic baguette and another bun. both were very hard for some reason! and so expensive some more!
    so now the only thing i buy from the loaf at pavilion are the U hu hu cheesecakes! (i love the durian and longan ones)

  2. Hi Lilian,
    Could you let me know what herbs seed you want and I will send it to you. Let me know your address too. Sorry, tried to contact you but in the contact page but it won’t allow me to do so? I am going grocery shopping tomorrow and don’t mind getting it for you. Don’t worry about money as it would be my pleasure to get it for you.

  3. I would have leave the bakery empty for the overpriced breads and buns.. I think a am more cheapskate than you.. Haha

  4. The prices at The Loaf’s Bakery and Bistro ( are indeed exorbitantly high. I’ve been to both outlets at Pavilion and Telaga Harbour. I didn’t like their buns as they were mostly dry.

    I like Tun’s Favourite breakfast set. The scrumptious in–house toast goes well with the curry. The financier cookies aren’t too bad. Would love to try out their pasta next time.

    Sun Moulin’s Bakery at Isetan, Suria KLCC has tastier buns and the prices are reasonable. You go to the bakery whenever you’re in KL, right?

  5. The prices are expensive but we should not relate directly to Tun Dr. M or blame him. he has his favourite meal there but i’m sure he doesnt go there all the time. and he didnt set the prices. Does he own The Loaf?

    There are other food places that much more expensive with bad service and food, but why single out this shop? just because it allegedly has something to do with Tun?

    People who can go eating at TGIF, Chilli’s, japanese restaurants etc. are not poor. But yes, people like me are poor because i only go eating or dining at tepi jalan stalls, kedai mamak. i go to KFC or McDonald’s once in a month.

    And nasi kandar doesn’t make u asleep if don’t u eat it too much.

    Forgive me if my above comment is a bit insulting. Im so sorry. Dont have to publish if dont want to. tq

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