Penang 3rd food bloggers gathering

I forgot that I didn’t make a mandatory post to show off the heavenly, yummy, exotic, traditional, international (add more good descriptions) foods we had during the 3rd food bloggers gathering. I posted on my personal blog but I think this is the most appropriate place to do so.

gathering3 - 098.jpg
(Photo credit : Ken of Food POI)

It is not just any food gathering but one that showcased all the best foods from some of the best Penang food bloggers. Hehehe, ‘go in basket, carry self’.

The host Gill and Jason has graciously let us hungry food bloggers to converge at their parents’ home. Their hospitality is beyond words. They provided us a barbeque stove, electric oven to roast a whole chicken contributed by Ken, a cheese fondue with ‘imported from Europe’ cheese sauce, salads, drinks and warm hospitality.

gathering3 - 022.jpg

I have a prior engagement at College General, a thanksgiving mass with appreciation dinner but I kept an empty stomach for the food bloggers’ gathering. I brought smoked salmon, homemade focaccia and cream cheese. Initially, I wanted to throw in more exotic cheese and caviar but the price increases told me to ‘ubah gaya hidup’ (change of lifestyle). So, it was just smoked salmon and focaccia. I bought about one kilogram of smoke salmon for about RM75 but I didn’t bring all to the gathering. The thing with foods like this is to prepare just enough or too much will make one sick of the taste. Hehehe, also can save costs, right?


This is how we do it! We snap the photos of the foods from every angles, every sides, every corner. If camera flash light can cook, those foods would be burnt to charcoal.


This is the host, Jason. He introduced us to roasted pork (siew bak) with cheese fondue. It is like the most heavenly thing on earth. His wife, Gill also prepared fresh lemonade with pomegranate. The foods on that night is almost an international dish with Swiss cheese fondue, Norwegian salmon, Korean kimchi fried rice, Malaysian kerabu, China Hakka abacus, Japanese sushi, arrgh…I get hungry just thinking of those foods we had. I will not post photos of the foods here because I had done that in my personal blog and moreover, I didn’t take many pictures because I was more eager to eat.

For more photos and write ups on the gathering, hop on over to these sites:

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Other floggers who attended the gathering:

Min from After Giovanni

Allen Ooi from Yummy Station

and of course our hosts!! Gill & Jason

I copied the above links from Lingzie who organised this gathering. I am now looking forward to the next food bloggers gathering. Things can only get better, huh?

I better go on a diet soon because my godma said I am fat. I told her, “Never mind, Lent is coming, I will go on a vegetarian fast for 40 days.” Wrong reason to go on a vegetarian fast!

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  1. at first, when i saw the title, i though you never update the post. but it was impossible since you update them very often. then only i read and realize the reason behind. hahaha.

    your food was just yummy. luckily i tried yours and some others before i stop eating. 🙂

  2. email2me – Yalor, I miss the cheese fondue and siew bak most. Next time ask Jason order the whole roasted pig and do only cheese fondue with siew bak. Hehehe.

    ck lam – Yalor, what will be the theme? Cannot wait to go.

    cariso – It is probably going to be the best ever, cannot be repeated kind of foods.

    allenooi – Too bad you are not feeling well, you missed the cheese, the roast chicken, sausages, prawns…

    criz – Your food presentation is so impressive.

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