A really traditional biscuit shop in Carnavon Street, Penang

I have noticed this traditional biscuit shop but never have a chance to stop by and see what they are selling. The shop is just next to Kedai Kopi Seng Thor in Carnavon Street. It does carry any large signboard and usually is sheltered by the bamboo chicks (bamboo blinds). So, if you don’t pay attention, you probably would not notice they are selling a lot of biscuits, tarts and steamed cakes.

traditional snacks

I was there around 9 am so most of the biscuits are still in the oven. They bake the egg tarts and all sorts of traditional biscuits in the shop. The ones available are mostly steamed cakes. All the names are in Mandarin so I really have no idea what are those cakes and biscuits. I asked the woman and she rattled of some names which I cannot recall now.

However, the green steamed cake, sort of like malai koh but made of pandan is really good. So good my little boy ate two of them, and I never even get a taste of it. He ate one the minute he gets home from kindie and later on, ate another one after he had his fried rice lunch.

traditional snacks

I was very full from the lor-mee I had at Kedai Kopi Seng Thor so I didn’t buy much. I bought only two green steamed cakes and 10 tiny pieces of some cookies. I have forgotten the name of the cookie but I know it is a traditional one. The cookie is made of peanuts and sesame seeds, I think. It is very, very good. The thing melts in the mouth and gives a warm feeling, with fragrances from the sesame seeds and groundnuts. The jar with red cap costs RM12.50. I bought only 10 pieces of the cookie and it costs RM3.50.

They also have egg tarts, char siew tarts and many other things baking in the oven. I will be back again to see if they have coconut tarts next time.

The biscuit shop opens during the day.

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  1. It’s 4pm here and I haven’t take my lunch. Yet, I saw this post… what are you trying to do? Seduce me with tasty food? lol….

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