No to Coke, McD, Starbucks and Colgate – Tun M on Malaysiakini

I picked up this news from Malaysiakini :

Ex-prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Malaysians “will not die if they do not use the US goods” and urged those working for US companies such as fast-food giant McDonalds to quit their jobs.

(this is commonly found on t-shirts sold by the vendors at holiday spots)

and I wish the world is as easily dealt with like what Tun M suggested. Anyway, coincidentally I went to have lunch at McDonald’s today because I was dying to have a bite of the Chinese New Year double prosperity beef burger. (and no, I wasn’t aware of this Malaysiakini news until AFTER I had my McD. Burpssss.) I love the black pepper sauce and I must have at least one prosperity burger each time they sell it during Chinese New Year.

mcdonald's double beef prosperity burger

Do you know that the set of Double Prosperity Beef Burger with large curly fries and Coca Cola costs RM18.88? I went…oh wow….sons, let’s share one burger will do. So expensive!

Do you also know that the McDonald’s Happy Meals now come only with either Coca Cola or Sprite only? If you do not wish to give your kid Coca Cola, you have to pay RM1.20 extra for iced Milo.


Oh ya, do you also know that you cannot find Coca Cola at your favourite Mamak Restaurants anymore? Here’s why :

the Muslim Restaurant Operators Association which has removed Coca-Cola from the menu at thousands of eateries.

So, looks like we have to make do with this if McDonald’s close down due to the boycott.

mcdonald errrm...marijuana


This is a food blog. I do not wish to discuss any other things over here.

3 Replies to “No to Coke, McD, Starbucks and Colgate – Tun M on Malaysiakini”

  1. I don’t understand why all the mamaks wanan boycott Coca Cola, whereas the public even threaten to boycott them as well for a few occasions before this..

    I seriously don’t think boycotting works, LOL..

    Anyway, McD is not getting cheaper either hehehe but once a year, nevermind~LAH..

    wish 5xMom a great 2009 and warm wishes!

  2. Hi Lilian,
    Just love your blog, especially about your very down to earth places to eat.

    Will definitely put a link on my site to your blogs when I get to the food section.

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    for quick facts and interesting information about Malaysia.

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