Gingerbread man toy, gingerbread man cookie and cutter

Few days ago, my little boy went to kindergarten for the first time. Before he started kindie, I told him I will buy him a gingerbread man soft toy if he doesn’t make a fuss at school. He saw one gingerbread man toy and loved it so much. So, on the first day of school, right after we dropped him in kindie, we went to buy the toy for him. Oh well, that is what they call pampering.

gingerbread man

He calls the gingerbread man Gin Gee, like Gingy in Shrek 3. Since he is so attached to his Gin Gee, my eldest son bought two gingerbread man cookie cutters today. That makes my little boy so happy. He came to me while I was working online and asked me to bake gingerbread man. Then, before I can reply, he made another remark, “Oh, mommy you are busy, right? Never mind, tomorrow when you are free, can you make gingerbread man for me?”

Awww…with that kind of considerate child, how can I not do what he wishes? So, we started baking gingerbread man. Except that I do not bake the real gingerbread man recipe but make do with Kellog’s cornflakes chocolate chip cookie dough. I added cornflour, icing sugar and some custard powder to the dough to make it firm enough to handle. (You can find the recipe on Kellog’s cereal box. Or if I am not too lazy, I will post it next time.)

gingerbread man

My boy doesn’t like chocolates so it is just cornflakes dough. The above are the gingerbread man before they are sent into the oven. My five years old boy took the above photo while my hands were greasy with cookie dough.

gingerbread man

This is Mr. Gingerbread Man after baking. He almost turn into Michelin Man with the baking soda and eggs.


And this is one happy child. Do try making your own cookies with cute cookie cutters for your child. Just find any butter cookies recipe that calls for cookie cutter. Homemade cookies are not that difficult to do because you basically need good butter, flour, sugar and eggs.

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