This blog runs on WordPress 2.7 (and some cherries and kumquats)

A lot of people complained about slow WordPress 2.7 because their shared hosting server is probably not able to run WordPress 2.7 efficiently. However, my blog hosted on VPS or virtual private server has no problems with the new (well, not anymore) WordPress 2.7. So, I upgraded this blog and it is running fine.


Chinese New Year is just a few days away. In fact, this is the last weekend for hardcore shopping. Initially, I wanted to organise an in-law family gathering but now, I am not so sure because my eldest sis-in-law was warded in the hospital. She is the one who prepared the lovely lor bak that we look forward to each year. I visited her at the hospital and she told me she had bought some nice pig’s stomach (pig maw) for me and it is at her home. She said she wouldn’t be strong enough to make lor bak. God bless her for her kind heart. I told her not to worry about Chinese New Year and the lor bak. I think I better start to learn to make the lorbak from her when she is well.


Meanwhile, another distant relative passed away and the family members also cannot celebrate Chinese New Year. Since there are so many missing members from this year’s lunch, I think I shall just cancel the idea of cooking for Chinese New Year. It shall be my own little family dinner then.

kiwi fruits from italy

Anyway, I am away the whole of this weekend because I am attending a full-day, weekend course on citizen journalism sponsored by Malaysiakini. I have no time for any Chinese New Year shopping or menu planning.


Oh ya, all the fruits are from different countries. The tiny Mandarin oranges or kumquats are from China, the cherries from New Zealand and Kiwi fruits are from Italy. Yes, I know kiwi fruits are supposed to come from New Zealand but these are from Italy. Of course, the papaya is from Malaysia. Comparing the fruits, it is so expensive to eat cherries because we bought RM12 of cherries and there are only 18 cherries! Ouch!

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    Agnes Tan

    (January 18, 2009 - 10:56 pm)

    Lovely and delicious fruit shots. I have yet to upgrade my wordpress, scared I can’t restore it back 🙁

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