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Got this from Malaysiakini regarding the peanut butter recall case in USA. Apparently some of the suspected contaminated ones are export to Malaysia Famous Amos. But it is said to be safe. Wateva….I have lots of Chinese New Year homemade cookies at home and Famous Amos is getting too expensive for me anyway. I used to buy the sinfully chocolate ones but prices have increased so much, I no longer indulge in that.

Salmonella dough scare: Ministry probes Famous Amos
Jan 22, 09 6:19pm
The Health Ministry today said it was investigating the Famous Amos cookie chain after it withdrew dough from several of its outlets here amid fears that it was contaminated by the salmonella bacterium.

The action followed an outbreak of salmonella poisoning in the United States, which has made at least 474 people sick since September as a result of infected peanut butter and peanut paste dough, according to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

The Health Ministry said it had launched a probe into Famous Amos here based on information it received that the infected dough had been exported to Malaysia for the company’s use.

“The Health Ministry has investigated and found the company is indeed using the dough which contains peanut butter and peanut paste which is imported from the Peanut Corporation of America,” it said in a statement.

“The company has withdrawn the dough which is sold at three of its premises,” it added.

Famous Amos: All cookies safe

Famous Amos company representatives here said the company did use peanut butter in cookies in Malaysia but that all its cookies were safe for consumption.

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  1. dulu when i was younger everytime dad goes to KL sure buy one. now its everywhere. smell good but never get to buy it anymore. the feeling of having it limited no longer there; just how big apple is like now

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