Recipe : Sujee cookies or suji biscuit

I have found a few sujee cookies recipes which I wish to share with readers. Based on the recipes, I modified and bake a batch of very tasty but super heart-unfriendly sujee cookies.

sugee biscuit,sujee cookies

The recipe I used for making sujee cookies or suji biscuits are :

150 grams of ghee (the small tin all weighs 150 grams)

70 grams softened butter

150 grams castor sugar

300 grams plain flour

1 tsp sodium bicarbonate or baking soda

100 grams ground almonds (it can be bought from the shops, the texture is like rough flour)

Vanila essence – 1 tsp

About 6 cherries, cut into tiny pieces for decoration


Method :

1) Beat the butter, ghee and sugar till sugar for a while.

2) Add ground almond, baking soda and flour.

3) Using your hand, knead the dough into a ball. You should be able to get a smooth ball. Roll the dough into tiny marble size balls. If you can’t do it, add a bit more butter or ghee.

4) Gently, roll all the dough, place on parchment paper. Place a tiny piece of cherry as decoration. Allow some space in between because the cookies expand when baked. and bake at 170 deg for 25 minutes. Watch the cookies carefully so that it doesn’t burn to brown. You want a pale yellow cookies, not golden brown.

sujee biscuit

The above recipe is taken from Rose’s Kitchen. She has some excellent recipes on her site. There is also another sujee cookies recipe on Che-Che’s site. However, do you notice that the above recipe does not use sujee or semolina flour at all? I have checked other recipes and they too do not use semolina or suji. However, Che-Che’s recipe has sujee flour. I got the idea to put a piece of cherry on top from Che-Che’s site but I didn’t use her recipe.

suji biskut

Do give this sujee cookie recipe a try if you are not paranoid of using ghee in your baking.

I am going to be so busy these few days because I am doing some Chinese New Year marketing, buying stuffs to cook and baking some cakes.

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  1. I always wonder why most of the sugee recipes found in the net ask for ground almond instead of sugee. You should try them with sugee one day. Taste so yum yum because you get to taste the sugee.

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