KFC Zinger Tower – solution for lazy days

KFC Zinger Tower

I have such hectic time these couple of weeks because of the new school year, preparations for Chinese New Year and on top of all these family commitments, I have volunteer work at the hospital and training for Sunday school. If that is not busy enough, I also joined a course on video journalism.

KFC Jalan Larut, Penang

The course on video journalism has been so interesting to me and I never look at home video in the same light anymore. Now, I film everything with a story in mind. My course is held over the weekend, from 9 am to 5 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. By the time I finished on Sunday evening, I was flat out. Yet, I still have assignments to complete, hungry kids to feed and young ones to entertain.

So, what does a harrassed mom like me do? Take the short cut, of course! Bring them to KFC, while my mind is working on fine tuning my video journalism. Every action becomes a story.


I shot and edited the above video at the KFC restaurant in Jalan Larut, Penang. This is one of our preferred fast food branch because the kids get to play in the playground while I do nothing but eat.

Have you tried the KFC Zinger Tower? Initially, I do not know what it is because I normally eat the cheezy wedges only when my kids go for the fried chicken. But I saw the huge, tall banner promoting KFC Zinger Tower and I decided to try it eventhough I am not a fan of burgers.

I am surprised that it is nothing like a burger at all. Instead, it is mouthfuls crispy fried chicken, flavoured with tangy, refreshing lime mayo and there is also a hash brown inside. The addition of the hash brown does not clash with the sesame bun but instead, added more bite to the burger. There is also a piece of cheese and some green salad to make the KFC Zinger Tower something really unique.

KFC Zinger Tower

So, I have managed to complete several things at one go.

1) Capture a video and take lots of photos
2) Write a story and edit the video, stringing it together with photos
3) Add ambience and music to the video
4) Eat, eat, eat and enjoy my KFC Zinger Tower
5) Give the kids some place to run and play
6) Have a good rest in the garden at the bungalow
7) Make a blog post out of it

Therefore, if you have not tried the KFC Zinger Tower, head over to your nearest KFC and grab one. While doing that, remember to multi-tasking like me.

7 Replies to “KFC Zinger Tower – solution for lazy days”

  1. lol! you are one heck of a multi-tasker la! very ‘keng’. i sometimes wonder where you find all the energy to do so many things!

    i just read about the zinger tower over at vkeong’s. havent tried it yet though i’m quite attracted to the hash brown in the burger. 🙂

  2. 550ml jar of faith – Hehehehe, you also notice ah? I brought my DSLR there and had to work really fast because the sun was setting. So kancheong cos the sun/sky looks best around 6.30 pm.

    lingzie – I have an even hectic phase these few days. Prepare CNY brunch for the in-laws on first day and CNY dinner for my siblings on 2nd day.

  3. I am truly jealous, we don’t have KFC Zinger Towers in Arizona. 😉

    Loved your video, your kids are adorable, and all your pictures make me feel like I am visiting in person.

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