Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu

Muteaudio the blogger has mentioned this nasi kandar stall many times. My hubby normally ta-pau the nasi kandar for me as it is quite hard to find a parking lot at the place. However, I am looking for some place different and decided to head there for breakfast yesterday morning.

nasi kandar kampung melayu

Kampung Melayu is one of the earliest low cost flats in Penang along with Rifle Range and Caunterhall. If I am not mistaken, a unit only costs about RM5K-RM7K back then, in the early 70s. These are the one bedroom, probably 500-600 sq ft.

kampung melayu

Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu is therefore, not for the hygienic city folks. But if you like adventure, then head to this densely populated place with a wet market below, chicken slaughtering next door and have yourself some nice, kickass nasi kandar. Don’t say I never warn you.

nasi kandar kampung melayu

You can tell the place has good foods by the number of people queuing and the sizes of the pots there. I was there around 9 am + and there were TNB, Telekom, MPPP, PDRM folks in their uniforms. They come in droves and people either share tables or queue for an empty one.

nasi kandar kampung melayu

What is special about this nasi kandar is in the mixture of the various curries gravy. There is no oily layer like some of the nasi kandar stalls. Just nice spicy curry without overpowering spices.

nasi kandar kampung melayu

Initially, I thought I won’t be able to finish the mountain of rice but I walloped all of them because of the pleasant tastes. This nasi kandar is different from most of the franchise mamak nasi kandar because this nasi kandar curry is cooked by an elderly woman. I think she must be the chief chef, walking around supervising, adding more curries from huge pots, bringing freshly fried chicken and etc.

The cup of kopi tarik is exceptionally good too. I just cannot tell if they have added tea or chocolate (Milo) into the coffee because it has a mocha taste to it. I had to purposely ask the man to change my cup of coffee into this traditional cup because I wanted a more authentic photo.

kampung melayu

There are lots of friendly mak ciks selling nice Malay kuihs at the wet market but I was about to explode from the mountain of rice. So, I didn’t buy any of the kueh eventhough they look so yummy. Just like pasar ramadhan. If you visit, look out for a stall selling nasi lemuni. I love that nasi lemuni too. Awet muda, kan?

I am sure Muteaudio will head to this Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu now that he is on leave.

Contact :
Kampung Melayu Nasi Kandar
Opens: 6.30am-noon (not sure close on which day but it is open on Friday though)
Tel: 019-575 5877

7 Replies to “Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu”

  1. Each of the units in those flat is less than 500 feet. 400+ tops. The place is infested by drug addicts. So you better be careful of your camera.

    Their kari ayam is the best!

  2. I used to head there for the Malay food years ago. Nowadays, I get too tired to wake up so early to go there.. LOL! What to do… need to grab all the choice pieces early mar. 😛 I hope the roti canai would still be as crispy as ever.

    Happy “Niu” Year to you and all in the family. May this year be a healthy, wealthy and prosperous year for everyone. 🙂

  3. Lilian,
    Don’t worry about ur camera. Go there N enjoy ur Nasi Kandar there. My personal favourite there is Kari Paru. Very soft N tender unlike other paru dishes where they usually goreng with Chillies

    Call me if anyone hilang their camera there. I’ll get it back for them plus a Ferrari someone carelessly left the key behind.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai

  4. HI.. Lilian,

    I’m also one of the “Nasi kandar lover” but now days i found out that this nasi kandar is very expensive..last week i bought ‘nasi kandar’ from rafie (pulau tikus-opposite police station’) and OMG it’s so the moment i don’t have any blog to discuss about this but i would be happy if can start a tread about it and i believe many people will share their opp here…(will get my on blog after i reach my adsense target achive usd100 perday..maybe in 1 or 2 month)

    Have a nice Day……:)

  5. OMG! Here I am looking all pathetic eating instant noodles and looking at the delicious Nasi Kandar.. sigh.. I’m jotting down this add so when I come back in March, I’ll be heading there…

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