Happy Chinese New Year to all from MalaysiaBest

Chinese New Year is made of Menglembu groundnuts and orange squash and sarsi. Mandarin oranges and canned lychees.


Chinese New Year is about little kids waiting for the angpows or red packet filled with money. Chinese value money and food alot, huh?


Chinese New Year is also about family gathering, eating and drinking. Don’t forget the gambling and visiting relatives and friends.


Therefore, I hope all Chinese readers and regular blog surfers of MalaysiaBest has at least a few of the above to make your Chinese New Year meaningful.

Happy Chinese New Year and may the year of the Ox be filled with lots of good foods, health and happiness for all of us.

I have had my delicious reunion dinner with my boys and hubby. You can view what I prepared for my Chinese New Year reunion dinner on my personal blog.

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