Jamie Oliver super easy roast lamb shoulder

I am guilty of buying recipe books but never try the recipe. I have bought three Jamie Oliver’s hardcover recipe books and they cost a bomb as each book is over RM100+. Luckily, Jamie Oliver recipes are really easy to cook and they taste great. I hope the money I saved from going to restaurants have covered the money I spent on Jamie Oliver’s recipe books.

jamie oliver

“Jamie At Home” has a lot of nice recipes but unfortunately, I do not have access to those vegetables mentioned in the book. However, the recipes are really simple. For example, the lamb shoulder recipe calls for salt, pepper, rosemary and garlic.

jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver said, “Whack the oven to the highest temperature setting…turn down the heat to 170 deg celcius and roast for four hours.”

lamb shoulder

This is how the lamb shoulder looks after I had put it in my microwave cum grill oven. Jamie Oliver’s recipe calls for 2kg lamb shoulder. I only use about 700 grams so I didn’t bother with my Electrolux oven. I bought a whole lamb shoulder weighing 2 kg for about RM30. One kilogramme is RM15 from the frozen food supplier.

garlic rosemary

I line the baking pan with rosemary and garlic. I rubbed the lamb shoulder with salt, pepper and olive oil. Place the lamb shoulder (which is a big chunk) on top of the garlic and rosemary.

lamb shoulder

Normally, I am not a fan of lamb shoulder because this part is normally loaded with fats. However, the chunk of lamb shoulder I bought is from New Zealand and the fats are not that scary. Jamie recommended scouring the fats on the outside and leave it as it is. I did and found that it is easy to tear off the layer of fats after cooking. The fats helped to keep the lamb moist.

jamie oliver lamb shoulder

Place another layer of rosemary and garlic on top of the meat and wrap it nicely with aluminium. I roast the lamb shoulder for only one hour 160 deg celcius and i is already very tender.

The slow roast lamb shoulder was really incredibly delicious. It is so delicious, I totally forgot about taking photos of the roasted lamb.

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  1. hi lilian, where did you get your lamb shoulder and fresh rosemary? i’ve only seen those dried rosemary in the herbs & spices aisle in the supermarket.

    this looks really good! and easy to make too!

  2. Lingzie – Tesco and Cold Storage do sell fresh herbs. These are in tiny plastic bags. In Tesco, it is only RM1.79 per pack. You can buy whole chunk of steak and seafoods like whole salmon and cod fish from frozen food suppliers. They sell in bulk though. I don’t have the address right now but it is one zinc house at the corner of Leandross and Kelawei Road. It is a wholesaler, so they got no time to layan you. Just ask for what you want and they will give you big portion of them, from the cold room. 🙂 Another place is Muthu’s but I have never been there cos it is in Tanjung Bungah I think. My son and his friends usually get barbeque stuffs from Muthu’s.

  3. Wah, looks delicious, I like to eat lamb. But to get the lamb shoulder you mentioned seem like not so easy. Need to find out the place first.

  4. Heheh, I made this a few months ago,and blogged about it too. I roasted it for 3 hours plus, and it was one of the BEST lamb dishes I’d ever tasted. Did you make the gravy from his recipe too? I did, and it tasted pretty dang good. I SO have to buy J.Oliver
    s books!

  5. thanks for the tips lilian! i have been to muthu’s. the last time i had a BBQ i got some lamb from him (cant remember the cut) and it was quite tough. so was quite disappointed.
    will check out that whole sale place in kelawei road! 🙂

  6. hi jamie oliver…

    what a nice site u have here…

    i am surfing using google looking for the utensil for a small business in baking area …

    but not sure yet… depends on investor aka mu hubby

    so when i was surfing i found ur site…

    so here i am

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