Which shop sells this ‘glass paper’ for steaming?

Last week, I went to several shops to enquire if they sell this ‘glass paper’ or transparent high density PE paper which is safe for cooking.

I was in the Georgetown area and there are old, Chinese traditional grocery shops, old baking supplies shop and old Chinese crockery and cooking untensils shops. I figure they would know who actually sell this sort of paper because I am keen to try steaming herbal chicken this way.

steamed herbal chicken

Guess what most of them tell me? They asked me to go to the bookshop! I was in Carnavon Street which is famous for selling coffees to coffins and there are lots of old bookshops. I explained to all the old uncles and aunties that we cannot use that quality because it will kill us. But they are not amused.

So, anyone knows what you call this paper and where do I get them? And please don’t tell me the yim kok kai shops are killing us all using the stationery shops quality!

BTW, I am going to KL for a quick trip and won’t be posting for a couple of days. Therefore, I think I won’t have time to think of any easy, cheap, homecooked Valentine’s dinner menu. However, if you are desperate to impress your boyfriend, girlfriend, mother-in-law to be, grandmother-in-law to be, just look through the categories on the sidebar and find which type of cooking you like. Western, Chinese, local…I have them all. Times are bad, so do a homecook meal. It looks more sincere that way.

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  1. Sorry, dont know where to get the plastic steaming paper. But I would like to know where to get Vietnamese popiah skin in Penang?

  2. To save cost, some restaurant use tracing paper.

    But if you really keen on doing the “authentic” way, then you need to get paper used for Chinese Calligraphy and drawing use.

    There is two paper you can use
    i. (Cantonese spelling) Yoke-Kao-Ji (玉扣纸)

    or more expensive
    ii (Cantonese spelling) Xun-Ji (宣纸) (Xun, the Sour spelling in Cantonese)

    Only bookshop that sell Chinese Calligraphy stationary will stock it.

  3. moo_t rite lilian. you can get it only at the bookshop. Save to eat or not, I am not too sure also. But all this while, I use aluminium foil and porchment paper. Plastic, abit kiasi to use. hehehe…………. Have a happy holiday.

  4. Lilian, is it not the cellophane paper you are talking about? Same type for making lanterns one, except this type is colorless/transparent.

    Hokkien call ‘poh lay chua’ , glass paper. Can use for steaming chicken.

    Tracing paper breaks easily when wet and the oven bags are made of plastic though it can surely tahan the heat. Aluminum foil is also a no no. Like that susah lo! Better use lotus leaves or banana leaves if can!

  5. I use oven bags (from Reynolds) and it looks and feel the same as the plastic paper for steaming the emperor chicken. I think you should be able to get it from online if you can’t get it in major grocery stores in Malaysia. Hope this helps.

  6. I was also looking for the plastic sheet to steam my Emperor Chicken dish in. I finally found it in a shop that sells bakeware in JB. They have 2 sizes and it is sold by kg.I bought the larger size of 30in x 30in. I can even put in on average size chicken and the soup doesn’t leak out. Anyway I have been cooking emperor chicken almost once a month.My kids love it.

  7. oh i always see those huge huge rolls of the ‘glass’ paper u mentioned in the restaurant’s kitchen. Maybe just ask the restaurant where they buy?

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