Kitchen enzyme is the craze now

After three months of making kitchen enzyme at home, I finally harvest a 1.5 litre bottle of brownish liquid that smells like those apple cider vinegar. I also tried my hands at making fruit enzyme at home and am into making dragon fruit enzyme now.

Back to the kitchen enzyme, it seems to be the in-thing to do now. I have a relative who helps me to do housekeeping work. She goes around several homes to do housekeeping and she told me many of them also make kitchen enzyme at home. She insisted that adding enzyme to the dishwashing liquid and other cleaning detergents, including washing clothes will give better result.

Then, I found out that some of my church members are also making kitchen enzyme and they are selling those extra bottles. The monies go to the church building funds. Incidentally, a neighbour also gave me a bottle of kitchen enzyme.

So, it is like every housewife current favourite hobby of turning those fruits and vegetables into these liquid enzyme which will help to clean the earth and help prevent global warming. And how does enzyme helps with reduction of global warming? You can find out here.


For shampoos, dish-washing liquids, detergents: add 1 teaspoon of enzymes for 500cc,

1 tablespoon of enzymes for 1 litre to enhance the nutrients and reduce the side effects of the chemicals in the detergents. (info from here)


1. You need a large plastic jar. You can easily find those cookie jars with red cover from plastic shops. Or use those 5 litres mineral water bottle but you need to cut your fruits really small to pass through the bottle opening.

2. You need to collect some fruit skins, vegetables and other kitchen discards. Usually, I do not have enough at one go, so what I did is to keep adding on some fruits/vegetables and brown sugar.

3. The ratio for making kitchen enzyme is :

1 part black sugar (those cheap brown sugar sold by sundry shop)
3 parts kitchen discards like vegetables and fruits.
10 parts water

Leave them in the jar for three months, shaking constantly and open the jar to let the gas escape. Keep them in dark places.

After three months, strain the liquid and store in other plastic bottles like those mineral water bottle.

For the solid wastes, I dry them in the sun with some soil. I am leaving the solid wastes to dry further and will mix them with soil to plant trees.

5 Replies to “Kitchen enzyme is the craze now”

  1. Wow din know u’re into this too. My mum’s been making it for the past few months…. And it’s really useful.

    Last time a group of kitchen enzyme advocates invited some datuks (smth like that) to a river-cleaning ceremony where these advocates poured enzyme into the river in an effort to clean it from pollutants. And guess what? None of the datuks went to the ceremony. I think to them, eating up $$$ is more meaningful than smth that has to do with our environment huh?

  2. My mom made them too. It really makes a difference when she added the enzyme to the floor cleaner. After mopping the floor, it’s really smooth. Can skate there without any skates 😀

  3. I think a lot of families are into this. The other day my hourly maid told me that a lot of houses she went to are using kitchen enzyme. She said very effective wor….

  4. oh my mom’s making this too. think she’ll be able to harvest this at the end of this month 🙂 cant wait to see the results for myself! i’m still in rather disbelief that garbage enzymes can be used to wash vegetables!!

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