Vegetarian recipes and some rant on copying recipes

Few days ago, I was thumbing through a food magazine at the restaurant. I found several pages of Chinese vegetarian meals and was so happy to get some fresh ideas for vegetarian recipes. So, I took out my camera and started snapping macro shots of the recipes so that I can replicate the dishes when I am cooking at home.

I am not sure if it is morally right to take a recipe that way but this is the technology age. Snapping a macro shot of the recipe is no different from say, I take a pen and paper and jot them for my own reference later, isn’t it?

Stir fried vegetables

I have absolutely no intention of duplicating the recipes and use it on my blog for commercial purposes (getting Adsense clicks is considered commercial ok?) eventhough I know a lot of people are actually teaching ‘make money with recipe blogs by copying recipe books.’ I feel it is a violation of the author/cook of that recipe, the magazine/recipe book publisher and all those who worked hard for the magazine or recipe book.

That’s not to say that I have never done this sort of method before, i.e. use a recipe from a book, cook and blog it. I love Jamie Oliver’s recipes and I adore his easy, laid-back style of cooking. I bought several of his books but I have never copy blindly what is in the book without cooking it first. I featured his book and recommended them to readers.

Vegetarian spaghetti

This is not the same as say, a person who absolutely cannot cook and cannot tell veal from venison who writes like he/she slaughtered the calf/deer and slow roast them over pit fire. You get what I mean?

Sorry that I ranted a bit but it bugs me that there are actually dishonest people who teaches people to blog about recipes just to make money. Good sites normally do not do that. Good recipe sites usually take the trouble to write informative things, cook them and share their cooking passion.

Anyway, I have not been posting much because I am still on vegetarian meals and it does get a little uninspiring after a while. Looking at the same green vege and soy products do drain the creativity out of me.

Yesterday, my eldest son experimented making pork burgers. He insisted I take a bite because it was delicious. All his three younger brothers asked for more portions. I did take a bite because I wanted to sample his cooking. It was indeed very meaty and flavorful.

Today, I am dreaming of burgers and wish to make my own veggie burgers. According to this site, Easy Recipes, one needs brown lentils. I am going to hunt for that when I get out of the house because it will be fun to make veggie burgers. McDonald’s used to sell them but not anymore…..sigh….Let me see what other vegan recipes I can find on Easy Recipes site to appease the meat person in me.

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    (March 11, 2009 - 6:14 pm)

    My boy loves burgers. Sometimes we buy from the Malay stalls at the road side. But it will be good if I can prepare homemade ones for him. Appreciate if your eldest son could share his recipe. Thanks!

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