What? Chicken essence from granulated chicken bouillon

A news on The Star caught my eyes. For a start, I hate chicken essence because they taste and smell like soya sauce mixed with water. Whenever I have babies, a lot of people will give me boxes of the Brand’s Chicken Essence and other China imports with ginseng and etc.

Note that taking chicken essence may cause more post-partum bleeding. I do not know what they put in there to make our blood thinner. I am talking from experience, but not medically proven or otherwise, ok? Certain Chinese herbs do cause our wombs to bleed more during the confinement period, including dong guai.

So, I usually give away all those chicken essence for my housekeeper consumption. Chicken essence just taste horrible. Blek. Yet, there were ads that make it looks so convincingly healthy. I have seen one on TV where they show these pretty, white hens at the farm and then, the process of slow boiling the chicken for the extract. It almost fool me.

Today, I discovered that they use :

“At the same time, FSIS also announced that Kim Seng Corpo-ration had recalled 17,674 pounds of granulated chicken bouillon for not passing import regulations,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday.


granulated chicken bouillon. It reminds me of the MSG laden chicken flavoured cubes people use to flavour their foods.

So, if you want the good old chicken soup, make it yourself. It is not that difficult and you are assured of fresh, kampung chicken (if you can find them) goodness. All you need is a slow cooker, a reliable Chinese medicine shop to tell you what herbs mixture is good for your health and chicken.

There is nothing like sipping freshly brewed herbal chicken soup during the confinement period. I usually double boil half a chicken every night to bring back the glow, stamina and good chi. Bye!

P/S : Oh ya, I wonder if our Health Minister Liow Tiong Hai is a fan of chicken essence? He said “Malaysian consumers need not worry about consuming chicken essence products available in the market.” Sorry lah, sir, but I got no money to buy those expensive bottles of watered down soya sauce for consumption.

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2 thoughts on “What? Chicken essence from granulated chicken bouillon

    Erina Law

    (March 17, 2009 - 12:20 pm)

    I don’t like the chicken essence smell also – more like tau eu taste. I normally make it myself using the slow cooker. It’s quite hard to get kampung chicken nowadays. Sometimes, I ask my parents to get it for me in Kulim. My dad normally go and buy from his friends in the kampung.


    (March 17, 2009 - 2:20 pm)

    I also saw that ads on TV. Looked convincing yah? My mom uses pressure cooker to force the juice out from the chicken. Pure essence, no water added. Usually, 1 medium-sized kampung chicken can get about 1 big bowl of essence. If you want to maximise the output, can pound the chicken a bit before cooking it. You can also add “pat chan” or “dong kwai” or just plain essence. Yumm……

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