A ‘guinea pig’ lunch at KDU Bon Apetit Restaurant

I only knew about the lunch served at Bon Apetit Restaurant in KDU College through my son’s collegemate blog. Doh….my son probably refused to tell me because I am such a critic! Hahaha. So, I ‘forced’ the son to get me some tickets for lunch today because all my other children has no school today due to Good Friday.

KDU Bon Apetit Restaurant

KDU has the professional chef course which come with an equipped kitchen and also a restaurant for the students to do their practical. My son is in his second year and they are cooking now. The lunch costs RM13.90 only and it is limited to only a few people. (no, I don’t think you can walk in for lunch, only through pre-order tickets)


My little boy here walloped most of the soup, part of the chicken and all the dessert, leaving the poor mother with only a few tastes here and there. But never mind, I am supposed to be fasting today so being denied of a regular portion of food is considered fasting, no?

mushroom soup

The mushroom soup with generous slices of fresh mushroom is creamy and good. However, I later told my son that it is a tad salty, of which he explained was due to the drying up of the soup in the pot. See? No wonder, he doesn’t want the food critic from Malaysia Best food blog to visit!

black pepper chicken

Everything has a blue tinge in my photo because of the window tinting which is blue. The main course is black pepper chicken. The chicken is huge so if it is really RM13.90 for the meal, then, it is worth every cents. However, note that we are probably paying the cost price.

black pepper chicken

Again, I find the chicken a bit salty. I am not a fan of breadcrumb crust and whispered to the chefs that probably the crust is a bit too flavourful to go with black pepper sauce. My #2 son who has excellent taste buds (and can become some wine taster someday) said there is too much Maggi seasoning in them. See? I don’t think we will ever get invited to anymore lunch. Hahaha.

chocolate triffle

However, dessert was good. My children loved it so much, I only get to sample a taste of it. It is supposed to be chocolate trifle. It has a layer of sponge cake, jelly and topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.


Considering that this is the first time they are serving to ‘customers’, I must say it has been an excellent job. The food quality is as good as most restaurants and probably, even much better than lot of the mid price ones. Of course, it doesn’t have that extra special oomph yet because it is the teamwork of a group of students.

Right now, my son is studying French language and hopefully, I get to eat French food soon. After he gets his diploma from KDU, he has an option to continue with the degree in Switzerland. Now, that will cost a bomb so, I won’t sweat over the $$$ part right now. Cross the bridge when we come to it. The diploma course in KDU for Professional Chef is RM30K +.

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  1. I missed you out at KDU. Didn’t know you are coming. Yes, I read your blog also a KDU student and I hope to meet you in person one day.

    *don’t worry, I am not a stalker!!*

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