10 reasons why local food series sucks

I don’t know about others but I find local productions of food review and cook show TV series from Singapore and Malaysia absolutely skin-crawling disgusting, agonising geli and I just want to put my hands into the TV screen and give them a slap.

Why? Because :

1) They always put on those grimacing, “I am so full I can puke look but I still have to eat because I am a food reviewer” look and they straggle to the restaurants.

2) They call themselves food reviewers and yet, they sneered at good foods with “I don’t eat lamb shanks because I cannot stand the smell of goats”.

3) Their cameraman filming technique makes me want to puke my digested breakfast because instead of taking macro shots of beautiful and droolicious foods, they did the zoom in and zoom out technique more suitable for MTV. Dude, you are in the wrong channel!

4) The food tasters usually look like they are a bunch of suakoo (hill billies) who are just let out of the sua kah (foot hills).

5) There was this Singapore production with one guy and two girls and the two girls will always act like bimboes while the guy will play smart and teach them how to eat oysters or stupid stuffs like that.

6) The focus is sometimes not on food but boobs of the female hosts.

7) They tried to squeeze in several restaurants in one show, making the whirlwind series so constipated.

8 ) Again, they used stupid, catchy jingles that robbed off the restaurant or food ambience.

9) They only talk about food, food and food. Nothing about some historial facts or cultures or other interesting tid-bits.

10) I just hate local productions and local chefs are all pondans while female chefs look like lesbians. True! Don’t argue.

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  1. Haha! #9 is what differentiates local productions from those from abroad.

    As for #10, aunty, your no.1 son will be a future chef leh, no? 😛

  2. kyh – I am tokking about those selebriti chefs like Chef Wan, and that ‘boyfriend’ of the assthrownaut, Chef Ismail? Kan memang lemah lembut? And have you seen one idiot on some Taiwan cook show with the moustache one? Niamah, I just cannot recall what cook show it is but this Taiwan chap hor, really si peh stupid looking. Plus there is the Singapore production of a few handsome guys trying their hands in the kitchen and this Indian woman chef very tomboy one who is their host?

    terence – Yalor, cheese also said smell lah, beef smell lah, lamb smell lah, niamah, go home eat porridge diam-diam lah.

  3. Not forgetting the hosts not only talked aloud or almost screaming with ‘Wahhh’, ‘Mmmm’ and the female hosts all skinny even though they walloped all the dishes in the round table.

    I seconded Lilian that such programs should also include story of the dishes’ origins. Most of times the hosts just showed the already prepared dishes on table…what about some kitchen scenes. Maybe the hosts don’t even know how to cook 😛

    Is time Lilian aka MAKAN QUEEN take the lead to video shoots yes, pleaseeee!

  4. i am such a big fan of yours. a truly self boasting blog indeed! keep up the good work!

    maybe your #2 genius son with the good taste bud can be the food reviewer, and you can do the shooting! oh and not to forget your oldest son being the pondan local chef. cost effective and truly original! joy oh joy! 🙂

  5. aiks……… give them chance to learn lo…. heehee….

    but one thign for sure.. what they care is whthere their TV show get good response.. the rest they dun care….

  6. Lilian : I hate sotong too …… lol ……. You should watch Hell’s Kitchen …. that is what we call a PRO chef (Gordon Ramsay). Too bad ASTRO censored his @)(#*@)#(*@()#*@

  7. hahahaha…. so true… these girls looks (are) aneroxic… and they always scoop nothing onto the spoons and tell us that the food taste good… sometimes I feel the same way too… slap the director or producer… and I’m sure even if they ate anthing that is shown they will puke everything out after the show…

  8. Can’t blame them, they wan to make the make the food reviewer (ah lian and ah beng)more popular rather than telling you more about the food. I agree with you quite a lot of the celebrebrity chefs are very lemah lembut – I also kalah to them.

  9. I think you should host your own travel/cook show. It’ll be better if you pair up with your #1 son. We’ve never seen a mother & son travel/cook show. It’ll be a first.

    MOst of the food reviewers are not really food reviewer. They can only say “Sedap”, “Not nice”, “kurang garam”etc, but can’t tell what’s wrong with the food.

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