Nasi Lemak Goreng Petai

A few days ago, I cooked nasi lemak because I have bought the santan. Initially, I intended to cook pucuk manis masak lemak with sweet potatoes and shrimps. However, I changed my mind because I will probably ended up eating the pucuk manis myself as no one likes it. So, I cooked a pot of nasi lemak with RM2 of santan (coconuts are darn expensive nowadays), 3 cups of rice, 2 cups of water, a few slices of ginger, teaspoon of biji halba (fenugreek) and salt. Of course, don’t forget the lovely pandan leaves.

However, after cooking the nasi lemak, I feel too lazy to bother with all the dishes because it was lunch time and no one is at home to have lunch except my little boy. So, I went out to buy the sotong and udang masak cabai/tumis from this Malay lady who sells Nasi Lemak Batu Gantung. (just in case people thinks I cooked those killer sotong and prawns)

nasi lemak

I bought about RM10 of the squids and prawns plus two pieces of ayam goreng kunyit for my little boy. At home, I stir fried some pea shoots and had a nice lunch.

nasi lemak

In the evening, I cooked some hard boiled eggs, fry some ikan bilis and with the kari sotong, it was enough for dinner. Yet, there is some leftover of the nice nasi lemak. I kept them in the fridge and today, I found that it still smells good and hence, I had it for lunch.

nasi lemak goreng

I made nasi goreng nasi lemak with petai, sambal belacan, egg, onions, udang kering and more pea shoots. Nasi lemak goreng is really a fantastic idea. My children learned to eat this when they were in primary school because their school sell this cheap nasi lemak with almost nothing inside except curry and a quartered egg. So, they usually buy a piece of chicken and asked the mak cik kantin to fry with one egg.

nasi goreng petai

If you have never tried nasi lemak goreng, you should attempt to do it yourself. Just buy a packet of nasi lemak bungkus with sambal or kari ikan bilis, and fry it with more onions and egg.

10 Replies to “Nasi Lemak Goreng Petai”

  1. nasik lemak Batu Gantung?!
    fuhhh..dah lama tak makan nasik lemak Batu Gantung..nowdays pun dah byk gerai nasik lemak in Penang nasik lemak Liverpool, nasik lemak Mak Intan..where else..
    owhhh..i feel tak sabar nak balik penang to pekena nasik lemak! hihihi..

  2. lyza – It is the road to the Penang Race Course/Syariah Court. Go towards the end where the race course gate is, look out for one small tokong cina red in colour, the lorong leading to the graveyards. (not to be confused with the big green roof tokong which is the crematorium) The mak cik sells nasi lemak in a tiny hut next to the tokong cina. On Saturday mornings, there is one nice lontong stall along this Lorong Batu Gantung also.

    kacip_fatimah – The nasi lemak Batu Gantung, although so isolated still have good business lah. Cos from the amount of fried chicken they sell, we guess it is doing well.

  3. know Lilian, the best part about your postings are the down to earth things that you having leftovers. Its not for a classy five star food blogger i’m sure, but it makes ppl like us relates to you.

    And i always always ALWAYS luv your food pictures. Makes me drool on my keyboard everytime (err…that was suppose to be a compliment..O_o”)

    Cheerio ^_^

  4. Your recipies bring me back to the days I lived in Malaysia. I especially miss eating nasi lemak.

    PS. i noticed the greenish stuff around your egg yolk. it’s not a good idea to boil eggs longer than ten minutes because that green color means there’s sulfur present which is not good for the health.

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