Traditional double boiling pot

Someone asked in my previous post (though I have forgotten who or which post) to show her a photo of the traditional double boiling pot I mentioned.

Usually, if I have time, I will use this pot to do the double boiling. If I don’t time to wait for the longer cooking time, I use the pressure cooker which can do double boiling too.

traditional double boiling pot

It is basically a pot within a pot. The inner pot is smaller and the outer pot bigger. The ingredients go into the small pot, the hot water in the big one. It is sort of like baine marie.


The pot I have is big enough to stuff a whole chicken into it. Foods cooked using such method, ie. not getting heat directly from the fire but immersed in boiling water seems to taste extra flavourful.


I made herbal chicken using Chinese wine, longans, dong guai, some tiny dried scallops and dried shitake mushrooms last night. It was really nourishing and comforting to eat it with chicken rice. I call it my herbal chicken rice.

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  1. what kinda vessel you use when you double boil in pressure cooker? can use those porcelain container ka??? i very da scared it will explode under pressure :p

  2. babe – My WMF came with a container like a tiffin but that WMF set costs RM999. LOL. I have used a nice porcelain ‘tan chung’ and never thought if it could break. Lucky it doesn’t crack.

  3. Thanks for posting this with the photos too! My Mum suggested I make essence of chicken for my tot and me using a double boiler. Was cracking my head until now 🙂

  4. We also use pressure cooker to prepare essence of chicken. Very easy and effective. Can get a lot of juice and the chicken will be very dry and tasteless after that. The brand we use comes with a stainless steel stand and tray. It cost RM1,550 when we bought in 2003. Not cheap but it is worth the money. I think we have easily made over 100 bowls of essence of chicken with it……

  5. ok thanks lilian i think mine oso came with the tiffin but cant remember if they hv a cover or not :p

    anyway, those pressure cookers from India is only ard RM200. my colik hv one and she’s very happy with it. it came with the steamer rack and tiffin cans.

  6. My grandma have this,now pass to my mum,my mum used this to make chicken essence during my confinement period.

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