Introducing ‘new vege’

When playing mahjong, we usually urge the other players to ‘give new vege’ which means throw some other flowers other than the old ones that are laid on the mahjong table.

However this new vegetable is not mahjong related but something I found in the market not too long ago. Everyone is familiar with the dou miu or pea sprouts. This vegetable is almost like the dou miu but it is fatter, shorter and crunchier.


If I hear correctly, they call it the ‘feng miu’.


I found one bean still left on the sprout and took a picture of it. The bean is not red bean because it is larger but I have no idea what bean it is. My vegetable seller told me I can either stir fry it with garlic or I can make omelet with them. I had tried the omelet style. Just heat a bit of oil, stir fry the sprout on high heat and then, pour in beaten egg. It makes a good breakfast for me.


I didn’t quite like it stir fried with garlic because I find the sprout rather fibrous, smells ‘green’ and a bit turn off.

Anyone knows what is this vegetable and what beans they sprout from?

BTW, my blog posts have been slow because I have class three times a week and at the same time, my son has sport rehearsal in town. I couldn’t find any time to pop by the market and hence, had been eating out most of the times. I have also blogged about all those places so there is no ‘new vege’ to share on this blog for the time being until my class is over in July.

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  1. I never see this type of vege in the market near my house. Does it easy to get this vege everywhere? Or certain market and certain season only?

  2. michi – So far, I only see it at certain stalls in the wet market and they usually have very little quantity for sale too. You can ask them if they have something like dou miu but fatter and shorter.

  3. The first time I tried ‘Tau Miu’ was at a seafood resturant in KK and fall in love ever since. Usually buy them from supermarket. I stir fry with butter and garlic. Yum!

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