Who wants to have lunch at KDU?

I am helping my son’s coursemates to promote a bit.

This coming Friday and Saturday, we will be having back-to-back 2 Set Lunch to cook and serve..
The problem is, how are we going to find 60 people for the both days?
So, if you are kind enough.. We really need a hand here..

Come and Dine in @ KDU Bon Appetit on 19/06/2009 & 20/06/09! (Penang)
The time is from 12pm to 2.00pm..

For the foods we are going to serve and their prices, I will update on this coming Monday when I got the recipe sheets from my chef..

If you want to go for the lunch, do check Suithong’s blog and mail/drop comment for him to contact you.

Usually, for the price you pay, it is very worth eating. But sometimes, there are clinches here and there, so I cannot guarantee a totally perfect meal. Hey, it is usually RM13-RM14 for free flow of orange squash, appetitizer or soup, main dish and dessert. So, cannot complain lah.


I had lunch there today. Above is my son and I. He is in his second year in Professional Chef. Diploma only, must go to Switzerland or other countries for the degree.


All the kids there.


The fish and pilaf.


The smoked salmon appetizer.

creme brulee

The dessert.

Go, go, go….support these students. They need to sell all the coupons. Check out suithong’s blog for details.

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