Wet market in Hatyai

I love wet market. Whether it is the wet market in my neighbourhood or the chic wet market in Paris or the really, really wet and smelly wet market in Hatyai. Usually, if I travel to other countries or even other states in Malaysia, I will find some excuses to go to the wet markets.

The place is so vibrant with the real local touch. Everyone is just themselves minus the facade of townsfolk. People just wear some sloppy clothes and talk at their loudest at the wet markets.

I was in Hatyai over the weekend and I went to the market. I am not even sure of the name because everyone who goes to Hatyai goes to the market. Just tell the ‘tuk-tuk’ driver market and they will drop you in the middle of the hustle and bustle of tourists mingling with locals. Of course, beware of pickpockets and maybe snatch thieves.

The above is a slideshow of all the photos I took at the market. How I wish I have access to the kitchen so that I could buy them all and cook the most delicious Thai foods with those fresh ingredients.

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