Playing masak-masak in Cameron Highlands

The only few things I like about Cameron Highlands are the cold weather and the ability to cook those vegetables found on the highlands. So, we usually opt for apartment stay with equipped kitchen so that I get to play masak-masak. Masak-masak is a girl’s game where little girls play the housewives. Hehehe.


Over the long weekend, we went up to Cameron Highlands. On the first night, we stayed at a chalet which has only beds. On the second night, we moved to an apartment and I had a nice time cooking.

cooking ingredients

I grabbed some vegetables which include mushrooms, eggs, tofu, a chicken and a few basic cooking ingredients. For lunch, I cooked ABC soup which is made of chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions and tomatoes. All from Cameron Highlands of course. Since mushrooms are pretty cheap and available, I bought some to stir fry.

stir fry mushroom

I also fried some chicken which was seasoned with only tumeric powder, salt, pepper and a bit of soy sauce. To make the fried chicken more fragrant, I used pandan leaves and sliced onions to flavour the oil.

Later in the evening, my eldest son and a friend came up to join us, bringing with them steaks from Australia. The steaks were frozen and kept well in an icebox.


My son and his friend experimented seasoning the tenderloin steaks with all sort of stuffs found in our temporary kitchen. They used garlic, ginger, yellow capsicum, strawberries and even tea bags. It was fun looking at them toying around with all the ingredients.


With only basic necessities, they still came up with a delectable dish of tenderloin, served with grilled capsicum, fresh shitake mushrooms, pearl corn and strawberry gravy.

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  1. Hi Lilian,

    So happen that i am planning a trip to Cameron coming holiday. COuld you recommend to me places to stay at Cameron? Would appreciate that much and thanks!

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