I met KGC, my blog reader at Tesco. She commented that I hardly post on this blog. Well, I had been very lazy to make foods post because I have shared almost every recipe that I like to cook. As for eating places, I have been eating at almost the same places so there is nothing else to write.


That’s why postings have been slow. There is nothing fresh to write anymore.

pearl corn

Moreover, there are so many food blogs nowadays and it gets a bit dreary trying to keep up because almost everyone is writing about the same eating places or talking about the same foods.

white radish

It gets tiring trying to come up with something original or interesting, so I quit trying.


Anyway, have you eaten oranges from Cameron Highlands? The above are beautiful, large and succulent looking oranges from Cameron. I think it costs RM6 per KG. It smells good but the taste is like a cross of pomelo, grapefruit and a touch of orange. Not too bad but certainly doesn’t have as much juice as orange or zesty. However, they are seedless and provide lots of fibre. Not sweet but not too sour.


I love the leaves of carrots because they look like a layer of thick, lush, green carpet in the farm.

So, yeah, so much for food posts. Hehehe.

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  1. realized that Cameron’s strawberries are gettin more and more …. artificial.
    and they said to avoid eating greens from Cameron, for the amount of pesticides used to ‘beautify’ the humble greens is higher than normal
    not sure to believe or not, but my friend’s dad is a farmer up there, and she herself said so.

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