Review : Claypot Restaurant

I must seriously dust off the cobweb gathering here. Since I moved to Tanjung Bungah, I have eaten at a lot of new places around the neighbourhood. I took lots of photos but just cannot find the desire to review the places I had been.

So, let’s move on with Claypot Restaurant. It is a non-halal restaurant at Jalan Sungai Kelian, Tanjung Bungah. Oh ya, I also have GPS but I haven’t quite get used to the co-ordinate thingie. Maybe later on.


The moment they brought this ceramic bowl with prawn crackers, I like the place already. Claypot Restaurant is homely and run by a couple who welcomed their patrons with warmth. The exterior is a nice garden while the interior is simple and clean.


We ordered this dish which is venison (deer meat). It is quite interesting because it is served with poh piah skin. One just wrap the spring onion and coriander leaves with the meat and chomp them down.


The menu. (yeah, I am running out of things to write already hehehe)


As the name suggests, Claypot Restaurant serves everything in claypots. This is the garlic prawn which I find to be a little bit too extreme. It is too sweet, saltish and the garlic flavour is overwhelming. However it goes well with white rice.


To balance off the extreme flavour of the venison and prawn, we ordered a simple spinach soup with century egg.


There are lots of restaurants along Jalan Sungai Kelian. However, business is just so-so over here. If you are in the neighbourhood, do give it a try. Support my neighbourhood mahhhh….

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  1. Lilian, initially the restaurant is run by 2 sisters and food were yummy. If you were there about 11 months ago, you will be able to try good Hakka dish. The new Claypot had good service but not that good food anymore.

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