All things sambal belacan and tomyam

There was that time of the month when I really really crave for tomyam and sambal belacan. It is like a pregnant woman’s food cravings. So, the ultimate thing to eat when I am hit by the pangs of gian, is to head to Suil Kenari Tomyam. They have two outlets. One is the tiny shed across Dorsett Hotel, next to KFC in Jalan Larut/Off Jalan Burmah. The other is at Chulia Street, across Kassim Mustafa.

sambal belacan

They have the spiciest sambal belacan. Over at the Jalan Larut branch, they give you the whole bottle of sambal belacan. In fact, the one in Jalan Larut tastes spicier and nicer. But the one at Chulia Street comes in tiny saucer only.


The tomyam is their main attraction of course. It is rather simple with basic ingredients like lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and has the right sourish tang.

ayam goreng kunyit

Then, there is the ayam goreng kunyit. Nothing fantastic but it is the only few dishes they have that are not spicy.

kerabu sotong

The kerabu sotong is another favourite dish which I must order every time I go to Suil Kenari. The coriander leaves have hidden cili padi which will make you cry. Nothing like a good sweat workout with cili padi to drive the PMS away.

kangkong belacan

Finally, the kangkong belacan to complete a meal of sambal and tomyam.

I am too lazy to write much but these photos are all piling up in my PC so I figure out they will be a waste of disk space if I don’t put them online.

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