Samosa, teh tarik & mutton varuval

I am living very near Sri Ananda Bahwan in Tanjung Bungah. I went there like many years ago and haven’t been back. Since I live so near now, I decided to walk there for tea one evening. And surprisingly, Ananda Bahwan tastes nice with meat than vegetarian (which was what I ate previously).

samosa & teh tarik

They have nice samosa for tea time and teh tarik of course.


My kid likes their fried icecream. I haven’t taste it before but he said it is ‘nice’.


My other kid is crazy over their fried rice. It is just basic fried rice with egg and a few pieces of chicken meat. Yet, they made it so delicious.

mutton varuval

And this is my latest discovery. Actually I heard about mutton varuval from my Malaysiakini trainer, Maran. I didn’t know varuval until now. It is so different from the very spicy Indian dishes with lots of spicy taste. The varuval is still spicy but it has more of ginger flavour, sweetish and very hot. Try a mutton varuval if you haven’t.

And that concludes another one of my ‘I am actually very lazy to write but I am making a post because I am sitting in front of the TV, while watching The Proposal and thought it is more productive to write and watch.’ The end.

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    (November 15, 2009 - 4:24 pm)

    the dish made here are always spicy and very beautiful in color goes along with taste. I have eaten it myself some time back.
    all tumps up if anyone else wants to got here.

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