KDU Nyonya Cuisine food photos to drool over

I have had lunch over at KDU College for two Wednesday already. The first one was my son’s Modern Chinese Cuisine theme while the second one was his friend’s Sui Thong Nyonya Cuisine. (Sui Thong’s has a blog over here) Today, I will post the photos I took with my Nokia N97 camera phone of the Nyonya Cuisine.

ondeh & jelly

Let’s start with dessert because the photo is the nicest. The dessert is ondeh-ondeh, agar-agar, fresh mango with a touch of gula melaka. I always say, if you give me bad food but nice presentation, or good food with bad presentation, I will overlook the bad one.

Over here, you have nice presentation (considering that these are prepared by second year diploma in Professional Chef students, ok?) with so much colour and local touch. The ondeh-ondeh is a tad thick skin LOL but nevertheless, still have nice chewy texture.

My photos of the main dish which is red snapper with some really nice tumeric sauce and tumeric rice did not turn up. I forgot to bring my DSLR camera along on that day.

laksa & pohpiah

And this appetizer is what I have raved about till today. The appetizer is a tiny bowl of laksa which comes with heh-ko (some really stinky prawn paste which is a must for laksa) and poh piah chee or deep fried spring rolls.


I have never attempted to cook laksa before because it is such a tedious process when my mom made it. She would spent a long time taking off the bones from the kembong fishes. And even after painstakingly picking on the flesh from the bones, some bones will still escape into the soup. But, I heard that they use canned sardines to cook with some fresh fishes added. Meanwhile, a friend, Billy who also cooked nice laksa for me last few weeks told me he boiled the whole fish till the bones are softened. Still…I will never attempt to cook laksa. Too tedious.


And here’s the main chef, in black. Usually, they form a team and one will take the role of manager where they plan the menu, count the costs, sell the tickets (they only cook for 10 pax each week) and co-ordinates the cooking.


Usually, if my son and his friends have problems selling off the tickets, then, I will gladly take up the balance tickets because it is interesting to have a nice meal, with free flow of orange juice at RM12 only. This coming Wednesday, another student will present Malay Cuisine theme set lunch.

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2 thoughts on “KDU Nyonya Cuisine food photos to drool over


    (November 15, 2009 - 1:15 pm)

    wait, they’re opened to the public? or just cater to student’s parents/relatives?
    kinda cool to see them running a place like that, half mock, half for real.


    (November 15, 2009 - 4:20 pm)

    must try but i’m not a student? do u think they will allow me to enter in the 1st place?

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