Ama Dessert – Fusion cafe foods at reasonable prices

Ama Dessert is not all about dessert but foods, lots of them. So, if you are in the neighbourhood and feeling hungry head over to Ama Dessert located at Pan Palace Plaza which is where Sunshine Lip Sin, Sungai Dua is.


It is located next to Leng Nia which is one of the older hawker place is. Opening restaurants in Penang is rather tough because you have to keep the prices low, the quality and taste high due to the competition and yet remain attractive to patrons.

mushroom soup

Ama Dessert tries to achieve that balance, I think. It serves foods expected from cafes and yet, the prices are still reasonable. For example, the above bowl of soup is RM5.50. Called Trio Mushroom, it is mushroom soup, freshly cooked. It is packed with lots of fresh mushrooms and potatoes.

monte cristo chicken

Unlike regular hawker place Western foods, you get nicely decorated foods. The price is a wee higher only but you get very nice, tangy salsa, potatoes (unlike those oily fries) fried with black pepper, sausage and these tasty chicken, ham, sausage and cheese. My two kids love the Monte Cristo Chicken from Ama Dessert. It is their signature dish.


To attract a wider group of patrons, Ama Dessert also serves Oriental foods. This ramen has a nice, clear soup and served with some Oriental Chicken, very much like teriyaki sauce.

stewed duck

The chef, Darren specialises in cooking Chinese (or so I heard) so the stewed duck he made is fabulous. It is soft, melting in the mouth and doesn’t have overpowering spices taste.

banana crepe

They have lots of desserts. From traditional Chinese desserts like various types of tong yuens, fah sang wu (it is good, try it!) to the modern, ice dessert to Western dessert like the above banana crepe with icecream.

Here is the contact :
Ama Dessert
Pan Palace Plaza
Ground Floor
Lengkok Nipah, Lip Sin Garden
Sungai Nibong, 11900 Penang
Hp : 012-4028772 – Cayris Tan
(they cater for events & party too)

However, service is a little bit lacking as it is a family business and things can get a bit chaotic when there are lots of people. Still, Ama Dessert is worth trying.

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3 thoughts on “Ama Dessert – Fusion cafe foods at reasonable prices


    (December 3, 2009 - 11:34 am)

    got good fah sang wu?
    i’m sold! definitely going to try this place liao! 🙂


    (December 3, 2009 - 3:39 pm)

    lingzie – Not that good lah, but at least no such thing as peanut butter mixed water type of fah sang wu lah. Most Chinese restaurants are too lazy to make fah sang wu. The Chef Darren specialised in Chinese cooking and was the one who supervised my son the other day when he cooked Modern Chinese cooking?


    (December 9, 2009 - 3:14 pm)

    oh that chef darren hior? ok ok.
    if im around that area i’ll make it a point to drop by this place.
    very sad that chinese restaurants nowadays dont make fah sang wu anymore. i remember ones from the old KOMTAR super tanker.. best-nyer! eh can ask your son to learn to make! hehehhehee

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