Rendang Tok & Lemang at Tapah highway

For the Penangites, do you know that you can get nice rendang tok from the Lorong Kulit market? There is a young Malay chap who sells lemang, ketupat, rendang tok, serunding and dodol near the entrance where TNB is. Try it if you haven’t eat rendang tok before.

What is rendang tok? It is dry beef curry which is very flavourful. The taste of lemongrass gives the rendang a very nice taste. The beef is tender and melt in the mouth and the spices and herbs take away the gamey smell of beef.

The other day when I was travelling to KL, I found a stall at the Tapah Highway stop selling similar things. Then, there is also a stall in Jusco in Midvalley. Somehow the one I bought from Lorong Kulit is much nicer.


All these photos were taken with my Nokia N97. The photo quality is not too bad and the best part is I can immediately post these photos on my Facebook. Nowadays, I post a photo of almost everything I ate. So, if you have add me in your Facebook, please do so. 🙂


The first photo is the lemang while the above is the ketupat. Though they are made of almost the same thing, they taste different if these are cooked nicely. I love the ketupat from Lorong Kulit. Now that I talked about it, I almost want to drive to Lorong Kulit tomorrow morning and get some.

rendang tok

The rendang tok from the Tapah highway stop come in huge pots. Business is brisk and these are sold by grammes. I have forgotten how much but they ain’t cheap as a small container costs about RM10.

rendang tok

A close up of the rendang tok. It is not to be confused with the regular rendang because this is the dry version and doesn’t have the overpowering taste of santan. Instead, it is more tangy and less ‘jelak’ when taken with lemang or ketupat.

Oh ya, rendang tok is not something you can actually cook at home, so go buy.

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1 thought on “Rendang Tok & Lemang at Tapah highway


    (December 9, 2009 - 3:11 pm)

    aiyo die. now i have super mega huge craving for rendang tok and lemang!!
    i actually bought this from the tapah rest area on my last trip to KL. but then when i reach kl, got major gastric so couldnt eat my lemang!!
    going to lorong kulit this weekend for it! 😛

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