Gulai Ikan Sembilang di Jelutong

I went to do some video filming in Jelutong area two days ago. Some PAS and DAP members were on their rounds and I followed along to do some interviews of my own. After talking to like 10 over people the whole morning, I was awfully tired, hot and thirsty. I cannot wait to get home because my battery has run flat.

ikan sembilang

However, the two Malay gentlemen offered to buy us tea. It is not nice to turn down Muslims offering you drinks and foods. So, I went along. I was glad to see that we are going to some nasi Melayu place selling gulai ikan sembilang. I recalled reading about this place from some food blog but didn’t exactly know whose. I just googled and find that it is Gill’s blog.

gulai ikan sembilang

As I am supposed to be a citizen journalist, doing serious work like asking people about their flood problems, community issues and such, I cannot bring out the food blogger side of me. So, I didn’t dare to shoot the photo of my plate of rice from five different angles, in macro and in various modes. I just have to compose myself as the citizen journalist. Otherwise, those political parties workers will wonder if I am serious about covering their constituent stories or out there just to take food pictures. Hahahaha.


Therefore, I cannot show you what I ate from Ani Nasi Melayu. However, after we had finished eating, I quickly make a fast trip to take a few photos of the foods and the surroundings.


If you want details on how to get there, please check out Gill’s blog. I was driven around the whole morning and had lost my sense of direction. All I remember was the Nusmetro (the Kampung Buah Pala developer) building not far from it and the junction of the road.


I am definitely going back again because I love nasi Melayu and especially fat, fat cat fishes like the gulai ikan sembilang. The fish is huge and it doesn’t have any ‘earthy’ smell and is sweet. Moreover, if I am eating with family, I can afford to dig in the huge snake like head of the cat fish and eat even the misai of the cat fish without feeling so pressured sitting down with political parties workers. Hehehehe.