Kebab it for convenience

My eldest son had a small barbeque for his friends. One of the items he prepared was the beef tenderloin made into kebabs. He bought a kilogramme of Australian tenderloin for RM55. In total, I think there are one and half kilogrammes of tenderloin.

beef kebab

He cubed the tenderloin into 1/2 inch cubes and season the meat with some fresh herbs like thyme, black pepper, dashes of Lea and Perrins sauce and salt & pepper. Normally beef are rather flavourful on its own so it is not necessary to give the meat too much flavour.

For the kebab, he added capsicum and onion with button mushroom.


As there are other leftover vegetables like the asparagus, more capsicum and shitake mushrooms, he also turned that into skewers of vege. He did the same with the tandoori sausages as well.

I drizzled the vege with some olive oil and salt to give it a bit of flavour.


All these skewers of meat and vege are easily barbequed over amber. Slather a bit of butter and honey and they are delicious.


It is fun and convenient to prepare easy to cook foods like this. One just need a small pit of fire to do that. You can roast marshmallow, satay, sticks of prawns and squids this way.