Wedding dinner at KL Tower

Last month, my niece had her wedding banquet at KL Tower. The direction and signs to KL Tower sucks. My brother who lives in PJ also got lost. For a tourist spot like KL Tower, they sure are very foolish in the way they put up the signs. We could see the tower but just couldn’t reach the road leading to it.

kl tower

Anyway, my niece got me a reserved VIP parking so there was no hassle after we found the road to KL Tower. However, there were lots of tour buses and tourists, making the place really busy and chaotic. Certainly not a place you want to go for some romantic evening because there are loud, noisy tourists at every corner.


Once we got up the tower to the wedding venue, it was all peaceful again. The view is fabulous and we were lucky to have a very clear night. However, I was there just to get tipsy so I didn’t bother to take any photos. All these photos were taken by my 13 yePars old son.


The banquet hall has a lot of pillars so if you are not sitting at one of the more VIP aka relative tables, then, you need to watch on overhead projector what is going on at the stage.

drunken herbal prawns

I didn’t take photos of all the foods. On average, I would say they are not too bad and portion is rather big too.


Dessert was interesting with mochi and the deep fried dumplings.


Wedding favors were in the form of KL Tower shape water bottle with my niece’s wedding photo, heart shape chocolates and a heart-shape can of sweets. The price of per table is not too expensive but for Penang standard, it is very expensive. If I am not mistaken, it is about RM799 per table. The foods are halal.

As I always reminded my sons, next time, I am never ever going to sponsor their wedding, so they better think twice before they marry. Find a girl who doesn’t care about wedding banquets! Hahaha.