Whoops, is today (Dec 21st) Winter solstice or tang yuen festival

rice balls/tang yuen

OK….It is December 22nd. That means, you have time to go roll some tang yuen tonight.

Am I right that today, December 21st is Winter solstice or the tang yuen festival? If it is, then, I am terribly bad for missing the date because we normally roll our rice balls the night before.

I thought it is December 22nd each year but apparently, the sun has shifted position and it is December 21st according to wikipedia.


I never failed to observe this festival so I must go get some glutinous rice and roll the balls. My boys loved doing it.

The above video is from 2008.

and the below is from 2007.

Since now I take better video, I must make one this year, huh?

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