Enjoy your Christmas!

Unlike previous years, this year Christmas is on a very low key affair where foods are concerned. I had my lasik eye surgery today at Optimax Penang. I dare not plan anything as I wasn’t sure if I will be able to handle all the cooking and etc.

However, the intra-lasik I had was very quick and I am all ok now. No pain, normal eyesight and etc. Anyway, Christmas is just one day so whether I cook or not, there are plenty of foods to eat. Tomorrow night, we will go to a friend’s house for some barbeque. Since I am not supposed to be expose to smoke and dusty places, I get to sit far away and command people to bring me foods. Hahahaha.

snowmen cupcakes for christmas

These cupcakes are baked by my niece’s friend. She did it as a hobby. Really pretty and tasty carrot cupcakes there. They were given to me two weeks ago during my eldest son’s 1212 (12 Dec) barbeque.


So, dear friends, relatives, readers of Malaysiabest, please enjoy your Christmas. Eat, drink and be merry! Blessed Christmas! I will probably find some excuses to get drunk on the bottles of wines and liquor stocked up at home minus the traditional roast turkey.

For me, I will reserve the merry making for New Year. My two older sisters are away this Christmas so I think I will roast a big fat turkey for New Year when they are back. I just have to roast a turkey or I feel something is missing. The challenge of making one stupid, tasteless big bird into a masterpiece with crispy skin and flavourful meat is the ultimate achievement for every Christmas, or New Year. Who knows, turkey price may drop after Christmas!

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