The bread my son baked

The regular daily bread has increased it’s price again. And soon, other things will follow as well. I am not sure why they have to increase because sugar is not like the main ingredient in making bread.

So, if you are fond of bread, hates all those additives these mass production breads contain and love breads and buns hot from the oven, then, try baking your own.

Bread uses very little ingredients. You can easily obtain nice bread flour which have been mixed with other grains or just plain white bread from baking specialists. They will teach you the recipe as well.


The other day, my eldest son and I attended a baking class by Amway. BTW, Amway has a breadmaker which kneads and bakes. I am an Amway distributor btw 🙂 .

After that class, son and I were into baking bread. He baked the above loaf. I don’t have the recipe but it is just a simple white bread recipe which you can easily find from the internet or baking specialist shop.

bread with butter and sugar

As with most homemade bread, the texture is rather dense and not fluffy white. But hey, it is without preservatives and chemical, ok? It was nice with butter and sugar.

bread and kaya

We also had some kaya to spread on the hot, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside homemade bread as well.

Try baking your own bread. It is fun. If you failed, you didn’t waste much money cos flour is cheap.

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  2. Love your in insights lilian…am also a former Malaysian… a chendol lover…and of course Penang food !!
    Am also using Amway products….where is this shop in Fettes Park….would love to visit it…

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